Monday, November 23, 2009

Ceremonial Redneck

I just looked over at my altar, and it seems that some GENIUS ( ... er, no, not the spirit kind, the really sarcastically human kind) needed to light a candle to Bune a month or so ago, and he didn't have a candle holder. What did he use to put the candle in? His empty chewing tobacco can, of course!

Sometimes I worry about myself.

At least my Camaro is Cthulhu-green.


  1. And it took you a month to realize many points is that on the redneck magic scale? Of course, I score a few points myself because I think that this is funny.

  2. ok man, you clearly need an intervention.

    Go to

    Its the cheapest Catholic church supply on the planet, with great service. Get yourself some proper fricking candle holders and nice candles. :-)

  3. You know, as much as I hate to admit it, you aren't the only one who finds manifestations of the inner redneck in his magick.

    I was reviewing recordings of recent ritual works for points of interest beyond what I had jounraled, and discovered to my shock that TWICE during one working, I sealed invocatory segments with a full-on "YEEE-HAAAWWWW!".

    Somewhere in my subconscious, yeehaw and amen are apparently equivalent.

  4. lsmft, I'm pretty sure that's how the tetragrammaton is properly pronounced in the Koine Greek of the 1st Century AD.

  5. OK. You haven't stepped over the line until you start making ritual tools out of duct tape. (I can hear all the hillbillies out there asking, "And what's wrong with that?")

    Wait a second. What't that vaguely silver-colored object over there on your altar? Oh no! RO! Say it ain't so!

  6. We mustn't understimate the power of Duct Tape in binding rituals!

    I'm also planning a ritual binding that involves asphalt.


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