Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Goals

There are certain steps that must be done in any process. I pay attention to things going on around me, and I try to take action when I have an opportunity to advance my own secret goals.

Some days I get to take steps forward, other days I get to make new goals because I learned I'd been thinking too friggin' small. Today I got to make another goal. This one will take some doing. I need a little help, but I think I know who to ask.


  1. Oddly, this is the second time I've seen reference to 'setting goals' in an esoteric setting.

    The first was from a series of lessons submitted by the IGOS. Terrible lessons, overpriced but there was a section in there.

  2. There is a goal inherent in nearly every magickal act. After all, you're seeking an outcome. I fail to see why setting out a program of magickal acts, each building upon another to reach a goal would be problematic. Except you'd need to be somewhat flexible as magick doesn't always manifest as we think it might.


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