Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Weight Loss

Long ago and far away, I had a pact with Jason to lose weight this year. We had aimed to lose around 60 pounds. I started at 238, a weight I was proud of being at, since it was less than the 270 I had managed to accumulate after my last child was born.

Over the summer I managed to lose about 15 pounds by doing a lot of walking and exercises. I hit the 225 mark and stalled, but I finally broke through that plateau and made it down to about 220, before Halloween hit.

Optimystic asked me to do a write up on the element of Fire over on the Lemegeton list, and this is one of the elements I had planned on working with (at the beginning of the year) to get the weight off. I was hoping to simply increase my metabolism with some gentle work with Oriens, Prince of the East. I was thinking of doing a conjuration of Oriens for the article, and then while I was at it, asking him to up my metabolism.

Due to the experiences of a certain blogger who shall remain nameless related to magic and weight loss, I have been hesitant to use magic to lose weight. A hasty ritual that doesn't take into account basic physiology can be hazardous to one's health. I think that simply increasing my metabolism under the tutelage of Oriens will work. But at the same time, the biggest driver for actual weight loss is always exercise for me. If I build up some meaty major muscle groups, my body burns more calories throughout the day. Long walks and hours spent on the old exerbike seem to work wonders for me. I don't want to inflame my metabolism, and then give it no outlet to burn.

So I'm taking a holistic approach, and resisting the urge to conjure up Oriens and get him to do the driving for me. I'll probably end up Working with each of the elemetnal Kings, and doing some kind of Work on the Guf itself. the Moon's waning, so I'm thinking it's a good time for it.

Even though I've only got a couple of months to lose the rest of the weight. Sigh. I don't think I'll make it to the full 60 pounds this year, but I do aim to at least break 200 by January.