Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season

The Flu Season. And there's H1N1 mania sweeping the nation on top of that!

So here's a little "get rid of the ick" technique that works really well for me.

Close your eyes, and listen to your heart beat. Visualize it pumping blood all over the body. Follow its paths in your mind's eye, seeing the blood flowing to the different regions of your physical shell. Now turn your awareness to areas of illness or pain. Look at it with your mind's eye, seeing the elemental building blocks that make up the frame. Earth and Fire, Water and Air, blended together in a myriad of proportions at the elemental (like atomic) level. Now see the ones that represent the illness turning black. To me they look like little cubes spinning in space in close proximity. The ones that are the illness turn black, and the one that aren't turn red and white.

Picture the black ones leaving your body. Move them along with the power of your Will. Keep them moving until they're all out, fading away into the background of existence, returning to their raw forms. A little heat applied to the stubborn ones, carefully so you don't hurt the good stuff, seems to work well in loosening up sinus infections.

And take vitamin C.

Some of you may recognize the technique as the result of my Work with EHNB a while ago. I was suffering in silence through a sinus infection last week when Frater POS (His motto is not "Piece of Shit," in case you were wondering) said it's too bad I don't know any magicians who could heal me. (He was home from work because his back was out again, and I magnanimously let that slide. The sinners mocked Jesus with "Healer, Heal thyself" too, after all.)

At the time I said I didn't do magic for sickness because a full ritual takes 2 weeks to manifest, and it doesn't seem worth it to deal with a three day cold. Mostly because I was embarrassed that I hadn't thought of it myself. Then he reminded me that we get to do some things instantly as magicians, and graciously changed the subject.

Of course later on I was thinking about it, and I remembered the Enochian technique that had worked so well last year. I fished it out of the memory banks and put it to use. The next morning I was significantly better.

So, since I had to have a reminder to jog the old memory banks that magicians can heal themselves (after all, I'm not Jesus*), I figured I'd pass it on. Healers, heal yourselves.

* Really. Neither Lon, nor Jesus Christ.

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