Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ha! HA HA HA!!!!

From the ritual magic yahoo group:

BTW Fr. Rufus Opus is Lon Duquette, who is chief adept of OTO's inner order.

Hee hee hee!

Yeah, that's why I publish my books as eBooks instead of going through CCC or Weiser. Because I'm SECRETLY a world-famous author and Thelemite high muckety muck.



I'm not Lon, I'm Josh. I live in Baltimore. He lives on the Left Coast with the rest of the hippies. I'm 35. He's ... not 35. I weigh 220 (and shrinking), he weighs more, or is shorter, I can't tell. My hair is still brown, with just a bit of gray in the goatee, and I like to think I look like Christian Slater from the Heathers years, but that's just not true anymore. His hair is white and he looks rather like Santa Clause.

I love that this Chico fellow thinks I'm Lon. I'm honored. But I'm not Lon.

Although, after this, I may start taking pot shots at Chico, just to keep him confused.