Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feeling a little old today...

Holy crap, I feel old today.

I finished up another week's series of rites first thing this morning. Saturday. Saturn Day.

I feel fucking ancient.

After conjuring the Archangel, I passed over to my astral temple, where I could ascend to the higher heavens. I went to the sphere of Saturn and I spoke to a couple of the spirits I know there.

Then I went into the heart of the sphere itself, with Cassiel as my guide. There, in the center of the Sphere, I saw myself, extending to the Mind of God, across lifetimes past and future. I saw myself as a channel of awareness, of observation. I saw myself extend through the supercelestial, celestial, elemental, and infernal spheres. I saw the flow of information down through this channel into the material realm, and I saw information flowing back up at the same time. We are conduits, you see, of God-awareness. We are the embodiment of observation and interaction. Our hands are the hands of fate. Our wills are the will of god. Our experience of the world we create is holy unto the Lord.

There is a border in the Sphere of Saturn that "separates" it from the 8th Sphere. It doesn't separate anything, it's really more of a veil, a filter, a line of demarcation between the spheres. I approached this veil, and found it to be dark grey on this side, cool and smooth, electric and alive. And it hummed with the vibration of the forces passing through it in both directions.

Once I started to pay attention to it, I realized it was a symphony, and back in my flesh my arm hairs stood on end. It was beautiful and horrifying all at once, thrilling, and maddening. It was Mozart and Tchaikovsky and Zann all at once. Touching it, I saw a vision within the vision, of dark and monstrous shapes passing through alongside brilliant manifestations of godlike awesomeness. 

And then it was gone.

The veil, the vision, everything, vanished, and I stood in a foggy plane with Cassiel, the universe of stars shining brightly,with Hubble-like clarity everywhere I looked. He gestured to the plane below, and I saw the fog clear in a place. Within the cleared place, I saw a model of my personal Sphere here on Earth. I looked at it in detail, noting the shapes and sizes and forms and boundaries were most prominent in this view. Together we took inventory of the state of things in my life. We talked for a while, and then got to Work.

Today we laid foundations for the coming ROpocalypse. We identified the scope of the project, determined what is "in scope" and what is "out of scope." Lenses were focused. Boundaries shifted. Things have been set in motion by setting them in stone.

The Word of the Day is: Focus. Focus your attention. "Pay" attention, and understand it is the currency of the realm. Observe with intent.


  1. Very interesting. I long for the time when I can have these types of experiences.

    Today, I was on the bus and got the perception that I wasn't really going anywhere at was all in my mind! I was willing the experience to take place.

    It kinda scared me to think that we really are all just making this up!

    Thanks for keeping us interested.

  2. "'Pay' Attention it is the currency of the Realm." I like that one a lot. Thank you.


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