Friday, July 07, 2006

Spirit Pot Update


I've gotten new information on formulating the Spirit Pot from a hoodoo worker and root doctor (are they the same thing?) over at the Solomonic yahoo group. He goes by the name "Inominandum," and has written a book and quite a few interesting articles over at his website. I enjoyed the interview with Simon, author of the still-controversial Necronomicon, immensely.

He suggested lining the bottom of the pot with dirt form my local community. Since Bune is associated with bringing riches and eloquence to a man, the ideal dirt would be from a local bank and from the local library. I'll be gathering some dirt from my own branches of both this weekend. We also discussed including the ashes of burned books, and he indicated that would be useful as well.

Everything that goes into the Spirit Pot serves some purpose. Tools for the spirit to use in his activities on your behalf are included. For example, the "Magickal Weapon" from 777 I included was the arrow, as Bune is a Sagitarian aspected spirit. With a weapon he is associated with, Bune becomes a more formidable spirit ally. The other stuff I've included in the pot serve to create a conducive environment for the spirit.

Additionally, the process of making offerings was clarified. Inominandum confirmed that anything given to the spirit is the spirit's for life. No giving and taking away. Food offerings that spoil can be taken away when the spirit indicates it is finished by turning the food into "ick." (Ick is the technical term for food offerings deprived of spiritual essence, I believe.)

Other members of the group have helped me understand how to set up the pot in my ritual space. Aaron Leitch suggested setting up a dedicated space with an altar cloth with Bune's seal on it, and that suggestion was confirmed by others on the list as being appropriate. Inominandum mentioned that the pot can also be placed on a plate that serves as a place to make your offerings as well. Generally, anything placed in the vicinity seems to work.

Last night I spoke directly with Bune via the Spirit Pot for the first time in a while. Mostly I've only addressed him casually while making offerings. I asked for more information on what the part of his description about spirits gathering on sepulchers was used for, and asked him to reveal it to me in dreams. I tossed and turned all night after that, couldn't get into a deep sleep. I kept having short bursts of lucid dreaming where I heard Bune speaking, but in images that I couldn't make out, or in a voice that was barely audible.

I've been on an orgone generator craze lately, and I've got about three or four of them in my room. I think they were making too much static for clear communications. This morning in between snooze alarms, I had extremely visual dreams where Bune explained exactly what was going on with that part of his description, but as soon as I sat up, the dreams were gone. I expect to be able to recover the information in trance work later this evening though.

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