Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holy Wealth

Well, it looks like it's finally happening. Everything is falling into place for me to be stupid stinking wealthy. How long ago was it that I explained to Bune what kind of wealth I wanted? Friday in the post about the statue of Cthulhu? Damn. That's right, I knew I did something like that.

And I was bragging about "learning how to talk to the spirits." Ha!

How freaking typical.

Anyway, if this pans out, one of the things I'll be doing shortly after quitting my job and taking a vacation is publishing how I did it. Scan ye olde archives well, for if I've figured out how to get $MILLION$ through the Goetic Spirits, you can be damned sure I'll write a book about it. And all this public knowledge shall be deleted and only those who were faithful blog readers will have a chance to know it for free. And I'll have a ghost writer turn my blog posts into a book. And I'll have it printed and leather bound and only sell them in lots of 200 every five years. For like $200 each. But it will be worth EVERY PENNY.


  1. 200 * 200 = $40,000, so you're not going to make millions on writing a book on how you made millions. ;-)

  2. Yeah, but after I'm rich I won't need to make millions, I'll already have millions. :)

  3. Cool, I get to say "I knew him when he was a simple Magician attempting to accomplish the great work"

    Um... can I have a yacht?

    *I want to be a shrimping boat captain*

  4. Good for you , enjoy it , by following your posts on the Bune experiment you've deserve it. i wonder what would happen if it was a King instead of a Duke you used ,i did see that you were contemplating on doing something like that from yesterday's post

  5. Good Show Old Boy!

    I will be jumping on the Bune-waggon soon myself.


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