Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Just In...

A friend and magician is visiting pagans in jail and providing spiritual support for them. He's one of 3 chaplains in all of (where else but) California that perform any kind of prison ministry for heathen pagans damned to burn in hell for all eternity. Can't imagine why.

But! I respect him for that. And he's in need of fundage to cover the expenses of his efforts. He made these cool "Wonder Wands," or "Tumblers" (he really needs to work on the name) to perform geomancy with. He's selling them to raise money. He's a smart feller.

So if you're a pagan and you want to support turning criminal pagans into reformed, spiritually seeking pagans with a good balanced perspective on magic and social obligations... It's a good cause. Check out his site. I'm going to see if he wants me to set up a page over on where he can sell stuff to fund his ministry, if he doesn't already have site set up.

For more info, see his blog:

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