Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Witchdoctor Joe and St. Faust

I had the fortune of meeting Witchdoctor Joe on a Fresno Magical list run by Frater Bone Head, also known as Fr. POS, who authors the "Doing Magic" blog. Joe's a former Native American pipe carrier, a Wiccan-ish guy, and he's got an interest in the occult in general. He's been blogging about the tarot lately, and I love his style. Some people write information using words, and others tell stories. Joe is definitely a story teller.

For those interested, his blog is here:

St. Faust is a peculiar breed of magician, the likes of which I've never run into before. His primary focus was chaos magic for a while, but it seems not to have driven him completely mad. He's the one who tipped me off to the Coyote aspects of Tezcatlipoca. I find his perspective on things to be very interesting.

For those interested, his blog is here:

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