Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting K&CHGA using Agrippa's Genius

With the recent posts about the importance of K&CHGA, this is probably a good time to plug getting K&C using the Name of your Genius. You get the name, draw it a few times in a few scripts, and enjoy getting to know it. Then you conjure it. (Oh spirit NN, I conjure you in the name of the Most High God Eheieh, appear before me in this mirror/stone/bowl/whatever. Improvise using the Bornless Rite or Samekh.) Then you ask it to facilitate K&CHGA. Then perform Samekh or Abramelin, or whatever. Having a friend in the Genius to recommend you paves the way a bit.

To get the Genius name, use Agrippa's Book 3, chapter 26 or 27. Can't remember which off the top of my head. You need a natal chart from somewhere like Go to free horoscopes, enter your info, and make sure you select the option to show the Part of Fortune.

Run your horoscope and write down the degrees and signs of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Part of Fortune, and Prenatal Syzygy. To get the Prenatal Syzygy, you have to figure out when the previous new or full moon was closest to your birth date. Run a chart on that date and time and location, and get the degrees of the Moon from there. That's your Prenatal Syzygy.

Plug it into the table you develop from Agrippa's Book 3, chapter 26 or 27. If you put Aleph in the 1st degree, round all your values up to the next degree. Or put Aleph in the previous degree and round down. When you get the five letters, add an EL to the end to conjure the active aspect of your Genius, or an AH to the end to get the passive aspect. Think of Jacob's Ladder, where he saw the angels descending and ascending. The Descending angels were coming down from heaven to carry out god's will, so their names all ended in EL. The ones Ascending were returning to God having carried out their mission, so their names ended in AH.

To speak about information concerning your personal "return to God" conjure the AH version. To speak with the Genius about active things, like getting a job, or money, or physically doing anything, conjure the EL version. It's convenient. The AH suffix aspect will be the one to target for K&CHGA.

Don't be intimidated. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil, and draw out what you read in Agrippa. Think about it, and draw it again if necessary. I drew up three circles, and took the time to divide them each into 360 degrees using a protractor. Then I put the alephbet in each degree, clockwise starting in 1 Aries for the Genius Name, counter clockwise starting in Pisces for the evil daimon name. I think. I did this a year ago, and my memory gets dusty. Now I just use the spreadsheet. One column has the alephbet, another has the degree, and the third has the sign. I run the charts for people and get their info, round the degrees up, and derive the Names from the chart values. It's a series of simple steps. They just get tedious.

So I charge people to do it for them. It takes about 15 minutes, I charge $6.95. That's $28.80 an hour, if I had enough demand for this service to do it for a whole hour. I get paid a lot more than that at my job. I take a pay cut to do this stuff for people. I do it to get people in touch with their HGAs. So I can talk to them about magic and learn from them.

Oh, and Chris Warnock includes your Genius and Evil Daimon names when you buy your natal chart from him. It's on my list of things to have done when I'm bathing in filthy lucre.


  1. How come you don't start the chart at 0 Aries?

  2. with yours (and Agrippas) instructions in hand, I am going to make an attempt at this. If you see a credit in your paypal account from me...I guess you will know why.

    (Wouldn't you want to bathe the filthy lucre, rather than bathing in it?)

  3. Is there a method to learning how to pronounce the name for the conjuration; or is that part of the writing it, and getting familiar with it?

  4. Mike: You COULD do it that way. But then you only get up to 29. I SUPPOSE that makes sense, you just round everything down. :P

    Lavanah: Oddly enough, no, I'd rather bathe IN it. As for pronouncing the name, I wing it. I figure the spirit's hearing me mangle its name with a Baltimore-Texas-Oklahoma-Colorado-Illinois accent already. If only you knew someone with a Jewish heritage who spoke Hebrew, you could get help from them. ;)

  5. 0 Aries is useful in this, but you ROUND DOWN - unlike every other "Sabian" system out there.

    Better to start at 1 Aries and stay consistent. For example, 14 Aries 01 would be read as 15 Aries.

    Another nifty trick: if you use Regiomontanus or other Ascendant based house systems, the Asc letter in the Genius name will always be Aleph. This because the Agrippa system is based on Houses... I've found that it works a bit better when I set 1st House to 0 Aries or even just using the signs as houses. The second method does cause some violence to the system, given the length of Virgo and the presence of Ophicuchus... but it works.

    Then again, a screwdriver works as a hammer on occasion. As always, I recommend experimentation and actually DOING SOMETHING.


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