Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You can do magic

Morning, folks. Just a reminder... this blog is for you to learn to accomplish the Great Work. I like to try to make money off it sometimes, because it's fun. Money is a marker system, keeping track of time and worth and value and everything like that. It's fun to use it as a mundane scorecard for my magical Work. Not that you have to be rich to be successful, I'm just saying. It's fun. For me. When I'm winning. It sucks when I've let things slip, but it's always recoverable. So far. Your mileage may vary.

But what's even more fun for me is when I get emails or comments about how people are using the experiences I've had to further their own Work. I'm trying to show people that magic is relatively easy. Any bumbling bafoon can do it. EVEN ME. You don't have to be a highly skilled artist to do this stuff. Your Work can look ugly. Ugly works too.

Looking at the requirements of making all the stuff you need to do magic "by the book" is intimidating. But if you're willing to experiment, and keep some basic safety mechanisms in place, your experiments won't be any more dangerous than any other mad scientist on your block. And you'll have invisible forces helping you, grateful that you're putting them to work.

And let's face it folks, the Spirits are a lot more forgiving and flexible than we like to pretend. If you don't have silver, draw a Moon Talisman on a blank piece of paper. You can consecrate it to the Moon by drawing her planetary sigils around the border if you like. The spirits will work with that. Wands and Daggers and Cups and Disks are fun to collect. Planetary talismans are fun to make. But they aren't the magic. They aren't required to do the magic. What's required ultimately from any magician is little more than a pen and paper and a whole lot of ambition. Aim for God, and if you only come close, hell, you've come a long way.

The other day someone sent me an overview of what they're working on, a bit of their setup, and they talked about a technique they're developing to cast silver. It looks really interesting, and I can't wait to see his work. Awesome stuff. Made me feel really good, because one of the reasons I talk so much about how to do stuff is to get people doing it. Finding other magical crafters is fun. So if anyone else has any special neat tricks they're working on to produce some powerful artifacts, feel free to let me know. Heck, start a blog about it and email me a link. I'll publicize you to the fullest extent of my abilities.


  1. Wow the gilding on those turned out awesome! Gives me some hope for the things I'll be gilding in the future (working on an ebony wand ala Trithemius, and may make the upright scrying stone from that as well from wood and then gild it).

    I've been doing a lot of work with old-school astrological talismans recently and am working on some Solomonic material as well. I cover things over at my blog, http://quaerolux.com .

  2. "Aim for God, and if you only come close, hell, you've come a long way."

    This would make a great T-shirt. Is that a borrowed phrase or directly inspired to you?

  3. Mike, that's a direct-from-me quote, all rights reversed. Thanks!


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