Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Man Sense is Tingling

Cool pic, eh? Any mechanical engineers reading this spot the problem with any gear set up like this?

I was just thinking about how sometimes a woman will make a suggestion about something that a man would never even consider. It happens a lot in my work. the Department Heads are mostly white males. They can't do anything but guide others in their work. Literally, they can't. They can barely work their email and blackberries most of the time. Most of them have assistants that schedule all their meetings.

It's the mid-level management that is chock fulll of women. They have this intuitive grasp of how things need to work. In my career, I've found that there were many times that I wouldn't know the details of a situation, but I had a pretty good grasp of the situation in hand. I made some decisions, set the ball in motion, and then talked to a woman about it. "But isn't this, this, and this true?" she would say. "Hmmm.... yes...." I would reply, realizing that I had just screwed up.

The simple fact is that women have this ability to know things. They don't communicate it well to men, usually because men and women have different ways of looking at things. That is the main problem between the sexes. Clear communication.

But I've developed this sense about things. There are times now in my life where a woman will be telling me that I'm wrong about something, and they'll have all these reasons to prove their point, but they just don't add up to me. It's like they're using words I use in completely sideways ways.

But there's this feeling I get around my right shoulder blade. Sort of an extension of the heart chakra, or maybe (this just occurred to me) it's where God took the rib. I call it my Man Sense. It gets warm when a woman is correcting me, and I don't know why she's right, but she is anyway. I've learned to trust this feeling. It guides me, and it improves my performance.

Men and women are complimentary. We are different in design, function, interpretation, and approach. These differences have caused countless clashes, but they are supposed to be there so we can understand this world we live in better, and do our jobs right while we're here.

Men, learn to use your man sense. Next time you're frustrated with a woman who's babbling on about why you're an idiot, instead of arguing check your man sense. Is she right? If so just accept it and move on. You don't have to understand why she's right. You possibly never will. Even if you do, it won't change the fact that you'll be doing the same thing regardless of your understanding. If you want to bend your brain into feminine angles, go ahead, by all means. But me, I just trust the man sense.


  1. You just described why my wife, who is not a magician in any formal sense of the word, is such an important element of my spritual life,

  2. I have a friend that is a Yaqui Native American. He once told me, "Women rule the world. The only difference between the white man and the red man is we know it!."

  3. Well, I'm an English professor, not a mechanical engineer. But if Venus turns clockwise, Mars turns counter-clockwise, causing the small gear to turn inside out and EXPLODE!


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