Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

Jake Stratton-Kent mentioned on either Solomonic or Ritual-Magic that the magic of Abramelin is primarily demonic.

I find it odd that so many people have missed this rather obvious point. The "Holy Guardian Angel" was launched (back) onto the occult scene via the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, as translated by Mathers and popularized in concept by Crowley. The publication of the OTO, GD, and A:.A:. literature that laid the foundation for people like Kraig to write Modern Magick really has crystallized the world view of ceremonial magicians around the particular interpretations of things made by some industrial age Victorian British folks who happened to study something of Hindu mysticism through Theosophy, an exotic fad that wasn't much different than Spiritualism.

In recent years, we've seen a new renaissance in magic, a return to the grimoires, but not as much to blindly follow them (although there are some staunch supporters of that particular vein), as much as to learn what magic looked like before it got industrialized and assembly-lined. People have realized the machinery of the Orders doesn't work on everyone, and have gone back to researching the techniques, adapting them, but holding true to the tradition that spawned the movement.

Thank God.

It's time for people to do the same with the HGA. Take a look at the Sacred Magic, and tell me the truth: is it about attaining some Western form of enlightenment? Is the being described in the text the "Atman" that Crowley claims it is? What is its function? WHY DID ABRAHAM WRITE THE BOOK FOR HIS SON?

It is a book of demonology. K&CHGA is the means to attain the authority to conjure and command the demons. The point is not to attain spiritual enlightenment. It is to attain the power to control the world by gaining authority over the spirits that manage it.

That, brothers and sisters, is the Great Work.

So for all of you that are convinced that K&CHGA is your ticket to Nirvana, and the means to transcend this plane and reunite with God, you've missed the point of the magic entirely. I'm not saying that isn't part of it. The point, however, is to control your world. If you've got K&CHGA and you aren't working with demons (earthbound spirits) of some kind... you're doing it wrong.

I said it at my lecture, and I'll say it again: If the whole point of the Great Work were to return to God and reunite with Him, then suicide would be the fastest way there. It's obvious, I think, that the Great Work is about heading up through the heavens, gathering awareness, experience, and building a tight, close, personal relationship with God and his servants. But it's not about re-unifying with the One. You were created separate for a reason.

Return in Power. That's the goal of the Work: PROJECTION of the powdered Stone. You get the authority to USE it, not to sit on the mountain and shit. Sitting on the mountain is to get you the Authority. Coming down and teaching others to use it, that's the goal of the Hierophant. Using it is the goal of the magician.

Now here's an odd thing I've found. I Work with the Angels a lot. A whole lot more than any Goetic Spirit. They're cool for most shit that I need done. But you know what? The celestial, planetary intelligences I work with work on ME. They change me, point things out to me, explain things to me, teach me, tune me to their harmonies. When I ask them for something here on earth, guess what they do?

They send someone else to do it. They're celestial. They aren't going to Fall to Earth every time we want something from them. They'll either send us back with the necessary attunement to our sphere to make our request manifest as a natural result of their influence on us, or they'll send one of their Spirits. One of the spirits assigned to the earth.

The higher you get up the magical ladder of light(s), the more authority you get, and the more discernment, and wisdom. It's ok to use magic to do what you want, because you either have learned to use it appropriately, or you're about to.  Either way, you're the winner. And the way the universe works, when you won, everyone else doesn't lose; they have an equal chance at winning by following your example.

So anyway... The HGA. The Genius. The Nativity Angel. The Acquired Supernatural Assistant. Different names for spirits that all share a common ancestral revelator. The further back you go, the more you find they aren't there to bring you enlightenment alone; they are there to provide you with the means to DO MAGIC.

And that, my friends, is the Great Work.


  1. No shit (she said respectfully) but then, I never read the Mathers translation of Abramalin-maybe the problem is there?

  2. I'm finding this as well, as I continue to do Abremelin (Which seems to be going quite quickly). I'm asking the Most High for the HGA, but when the HGA makes some contact (which it has before and does now sporadically), it's more concerned about ME personally, and my environs, than about transcendence. I asked about commanding the Lords of Hell, and it said soon.

    Strange and interesting, I have to admit. The Synchronicities are coming fast and furious, or else I'm simply more aware of them.

  3. Excellent post, I agree completely.

  4. Thanks for saying that Rufus. I was rereading Aaron's book the other night and was surprised to find that he tried to dismiss and downplay the value of the book of squares in Abramelin. I agree with you - the operation of the Angel is an essential foundation, but how anyone could claim that they're enlightened and the magical work is finished once they've met up is beyond me. Who's afraid of the big bad daemons?

    I've been practicing a lot of goetia lately and gotten some wonderful results out of it. I really worked some of the spirits and got them involved in world issues, but so far they've done marvelously. I actually had to start taking notice of ranks and number of legions in order to know how far the goets could (or could not) go. I've also been learning a lot more about theurgia-goetia and the magic of the elementals and other more neutral spirits of Malkuth. Commanding them requires more purity, and I'm looking to integrate more of the T-G, the Black Pullet, and Bardon's PME into my work.

    I've been bugging Aaron to put out some more information about the squares. Its strange, but it seems that even people who've met up with their Holy Angel are still afraid of the final book. I've only constructed a chapter or two of the squares and I still have some business to work out with the kings, but I am hopeful that I'll be working more with them throughout this year.

    Perhaps the final book is the ultimate test of our faith and our magic. Are we satisfied only with the Wisdom, or are we willing to take up the Power necessary to make that Wisdom manifest? Is our magic just an exercise in spiritual masturbation, or can it change the world in the ways that Abraham of Worms did? Can we effect spells of paranormal and supernatural magnitude, or will our magic forever be condemned to meaningful coincidences? I hope you will write more about this in the future.

  5. Lavanah:

    Your main problem isn't that you haven't read Mathers; it's that you're not effing stupid. I'm sure you've found that out already once or twice, but I just thought I'd remind you.

    Also, you probably weren't indoctrinated by Crowley to the extent I was. I glommed on to him early on in my "Magickal" career, and read a lot of stuff written by him in Liber ABA, especially Book IV. Not only that, I hung out with CMs who believed what they heard about the HGA instead of doing the research themselves. Like any gullible fool, I believed the hearsay and built my expectations of K&CHGA around that rather than on the source materials or experiences (of which I had zero; didn't stop me from making a lot of assumptions).

  6. Ha! A wizard after my own heart! Nice to meet you brother.

  7. Scott,

    It does move a lot faster than anticipated, no? I think that has a lot to do with your clergical initiations too. I'd been through a huge spiritual transformation that lasted a couple of years right before getting K&C.

    I personally think "transcendence" might actually be about our personal environs more than we think. I think a lot of the ideas out there about "transcendence" are pretty selfish, based on not wanting to hurt, not wanting to deal with the material world any more. It's a cop out, in a way. Transcendence may be more about getting integrated than the West knows. Certainly more than RO ever suspected. :)

  8. David,

    I'd love to compare notes with you about the Goetia! I totally did the same thing with their ranks and legions to figure out what their capabilities are, and have a spreadsheet of their attributes comparing them to Weier's Pseudomonarchia.

    Good stuff. Maybe we can do a joint-effort series of blog posts where we each discuss our experiences with the spirits we've worked, if they aren't too personal.

  9. Rock on Brother!

    You are laying down some truth.


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