Sunday, December 06, 2009

After due consideration, it is with a heavy heart...

After due consideration, it is with a heavy heart that we must come to the inevitable conclusion. While they have provided a level of amusement, and potentially furthered some few of our overall goals, we must weigh their meager contributions against the fundamental discord brought by their practices.

When they first appeared on the scene with their "chaos magick," they presented themselves as an enemy of the conformist traditional approaches to the occult that most of us represent. Over the years they tried to gain respectability, and have come to be almost accepted, or at least tolerated as co-representatives of the Great Work by most of us. However, the inherent cognitive dissonance demanded by their approach to occult manipulation of events has always left them weakened in actual practice. Their internal schisms have left them splintered. Their comparatively weak results have left many of their own adherents disillusioned. The Ice Magic wars and the split between RAW/Timothy Leary Immortalists and the IOT/Peter Carroll Pact over the "immortality pill" has left them without even a cohesive front. There isn't even a single figurehead bearing their standard.

These so-called "Justified Ancients of Mumu" were brought into the fold in hopes that they would reach the conclusion that their approach is juvenile and ineffective. I believe that those who will learn from their mistakes have, and the remaining adherents have already attained the degree of wisdom and insight that they are capable of attaining. It is time for those who have moved beyond the limits of belief system shuffling and have found the true power of magic in their personal Work to join the traditionalists among us and leave behind forever their affiliation with these miscreants.

I accept the "Information Model" as a valid representation of "Truth," and hereby move that adherents to that approach be exempt from the disaffiliation.

For the rest of them, there is little hope of transcendence. Their crippled spheres of influence are too small to be of much use to us overall. In recent months, I've personally spent as much time breaking false programming resulting from their influence as I have furthering the transcendent enlightenment of humankind. I find that more and more students have come to me using the vocabulary of egregore and servitor, and have even found their viral memes retroactively manifesting in traditional tomes. John Greer, who has done us all a great service in translating the Picatrix with Christopher Warnock, recently demonstrated the degree of infection they have brought by weaving their philosophical tenets into his dissemination of the Alternate View we have crafted. His reference to "Hagbard's Law" will, unfortunately, lead more people to read the diseased harmonic tome they used to infiltrate our culture. Another crop of magicians will inevitably be infected by their crude and ignorant approach to the forces of chaos and order, resulting in more loud-mouthed inexperienced chaoates muddying the streams and causing more distraction.

It is a dangerous weakening of the potent forces we represent in this plane.

Continued sanction of their practices by traditionalists will result in a repeat of the 1990s. Do any of us want to face that mindset at this stage of our Work? We know the 30-year cycle is repeating, as it always does, and the 1980s have about run their course. We can't afford to have that degree of potential Workers distracted by the infectious madness of Discordia. While it is inevitable that the repetitious cycle will result in some renewed interest, we must make a concentrated effort to limit this madness.

While they claim to not want to upset the apple cart, and while they pretend not to want to cause any harm, they are clear in their actions that if one doesn't like what they're going to do, one had better watch out because they are coming through. We are left with but one option.

It's time to kick out the JAMs.


  1. Another example of the misinfo that 'chaotes' (kids eat your chocolate chaotes, a good source of fiber) have created would be Grant Morrison's narcissistic comic the Invisibles (y'know where Morrison has a mary sue version of himself save the world). An example of this would be the comic's take on Vodou; which was based on that awful book the Voodoo Gnostic workbook which makes Morrison anything but a Houngan, thanks to Morrison countless people worldwide think that the Loa are evil bug spirits. I think it says it all that invisibles is pretty much worshiped by chaos magicians (who are probably wacking it to sigils to make the IOT return their phone calls). Thankfully we have Alan Moore's wonderful creation Promethea which actually contains factual Magical info.

  2. First, The Invisibles rocks.

    Second, that was the single longest set up for a pun I have ever read outside of Asimov.

  3. Did you write that?

    I happen to be a JAM

  4. Hell yes, I wrote that.

    You're a JAM, eh?

    Kick Kick Kick!


  5. What is a JAM? Sorry, I guess I'm not a hardcore chaote even though I did read (and practice *shudder*) the material at one time.

    I would not label myself as a traditionalist though. I do things that would probably make any hardcore person of "doing things by the book or like the tradition says" annoyed.


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