Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cool Stuff about the Supernatural Assistant

Hey everyone!

Man, I just wrote a bunch of posts to the Supernatural Assistant Course yahoo group about the things you can get using the Supernatural Assistant. I forget how cool it is sometimes. Here are some quick reminders for anyone else who forgot, or who might need a reason or two to Acquire a Supernatural Assistant.

From the PGM:

  • When you go abroad, he will go abroad with you; when you are destitute, he will give you money.  
  • He will tell you what things will happen both when and at what time of the night or day.  
  • If anyone asks you "What do I have in mind?" or "What has happened to me?" or even "What is going to happen?," question the angel, and he will tell you in silence.  But you speak to the one who questions you as if from yourself.  
  • When you are dead, he will wrap [up] your body as befits a god, but he will take your spirit and carry it into the air with him. For no aerial spirit which is joined with a mighty assistant will go into Hades, for to him all things are subject.  
  • Whenever you wish to do something, speak his name alone into the air and say, "Come!" and you will see him actually standing near you.  And say to him, "Perform this task," and he does it at once, and after doing it he will say to you, "What else do you want?  For I am eager for heaven."  If you do not  have immediate orders, say to him, "Go, lord," and he will depart.  In this fashion, then, the god will be seen by you alone, nor will anyone ever hear the sound of his speaking, just you yourself alone.  
  • And he will tell you about the illness of a man, whether he will live or die, even on what day and at what hour of night.  
  • And he will also give [you both] wild herbs and the power to cure, and you will be [worshipped] as a god since you have a god as a friend.  
These things the mighty assistant will perform competently.
Pretty handy, eh?

As you likely know, I'm especially interested in the part that happens after death. I suspect it's a transformation akin to the Rainbow Body. I could be wrong, of course. It may just be a spiritual transformation the Ruach goes through that empowers it to become a member of the Angelic Choir of "Powers." If so, that would be pretty cool too. After I die, feel free to petition me for aid in your own endeavors, and if I'm a Power, I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Another cool thing about the list is how it reminds the magician that the SA is invisible to others. See my post from the other day on physical manifestations.

It ties into the urge new members of the group of people with this "mighty assistant" feel to tell everyone everything about everything that Crowley warns about too. Even magicians from the first centuries AD had to struggle with acting like what they experience is true and valid for all mankind. Their mentors back then made sure their students weren't acting like fruitcakes in public. "But you speak to the one who questions you as if from yourself" indeed.

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  1. Merry x-mas to ya babe!
    About that death stuff, you appaer to need another chat with Zaphkiel there.

    Anyway, hope you and yours have a great one and a special thanks to my Ophiel talisman for pulling us out of what very quickly could have become the shit this year, without a few well timed miracles!

    All is good here, it is x-mas eve and Santa is just about to unpack plenty of prezzies, (thanks again to Ophiel).Uni is going really well, just got another High Distinction overall for Cognitive Psychology so I am doing really well there. Hope you are too.

    All the best for the New Year!

    Love Kathy


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