Monday, April 05, 2010

The Magic Manifestation Machine

Wouldn't it be cool if you had this thing that you could set up in your house that worked to manifest in your life whatever it is that you symbolically place on it? Like, if you were sick and wanted to manifest health, you could just write "I Am Healthy" on a piece of paper, and then just place it on the table and have a ton of spirits immediately get to Work on making you healthy?

Or if you were having trouble in your relationship, you could write "I have clear communication with [NAME]," or "I Have A Brand New Car," or "A Vacation to Disney" or "Extremely Large Amounts of Cash Left Over After All the Bills Are Paid Every Month."

What would you think if I told you chances are pretty good that you already have this Magic Manifestation Machine set up in your home?

Because you probably do. It's called an "Altar."

The Altar is the focal point between the spirit world and the physical world. Chances are pretty good that you have representations of the spiritual forces in your life sitting on the altar, statues of gods and goddesses, or colored candles for the elemental kings, or a Lamp representing the Eternal Light of God radiating out from the Divine Darkness and becoming ultimately the manifest world. A couple people have posted recently about cleaning up their altars and feeling better. I'd like to take a minute to point out that there's a lot more that can be done with the Altar as a magical tool for your every day mundane needs.

The examples above are basically little more than affirmations. Affirmations alone are a potent tool for manifesting change in your life. Putting them on the altar draws the attention of the spiritual forces in your life to whatever it is you put there, putting a little more power into the actual manifestation. I've discovered the truth of this fact by having my kids put pictures of dogs and cats that they've drawn on the altar. My altar used to be near my desk, and they would leave me pictures where I would find them in the most obvious place, the altar. My kids' artistic efforts are awesome, but apparently to spirits, their drawings look like roadkill. I didn't make the connection right away, but after a couple of weeks of seeing more squished animals than usual on the road, I figured it out and asked them to put their drawings in my in basket on my desk instead.

Is your altar set up to be an engine of manifestation? It can be. I suggest something like the Altar Glyph I designed based on Agrippa's Scale of the Number 4. I have my entire cosmology and the intelligences of each sphere represented on my altar. There's God the First Father represented by the Lamp, my HGA represented by a mini-HGA altar thing, Seven Planetary Seals arranged the way you would see them in the four directions if you were looking up from the Earth based on their attributions in Agrippa's Table, the Four Elemental Kings, and the bound Four Elemental Devil Princes. I need to include the Sphere of the Zodiac to be completely accurate, I suppose. That would go in between the planetary seals and the Lamp.

This setup is a reflection of how I understand the manifestation of everything in the universe that I experience in my own personal sphere. Everything that we experience begins as an Idea in the Mind of God, and then passes through the Sphere of the Zodiac, each of the Seven Planetary Spheres, and then into the Elemental Spheres before it manifests in my physical life. this makes my altar a pretty potent Manifestation Engine. I can drop something on it, say a quick prayer to the gathered and represented spirits, and leave it in their hands. (Note, I would still only do so within the context of an overall plan after my little foray into the joys of using a home as a tinder box..)

A simpler version would simply include the Four Princes of the Spirits and your HGA. Oriens (East), Paymon (West), Egyn (North), and Amaymon (South) posted in the four directions appropriately, and a mini-altar to the HGA somewhere above or in the East to guide their efforts on your behalf. A simple oration should suffice, something like:

"Oh [HGA Name], I conjure you to hear my petition. Be present and draw now the Four Princes of the Spirits upon the four angles of the World: Oriens from the East, Paymon from the West, Egyn from the North, and Amaymon from the South. Come now, you Princes of the Spirits, in the Name of God and [HGA Name] I conjure you, be here now and let not my words fall to the ground without bearing fruit. I need [a band new car! or whatever the affirmation is], my need is great, though not greater than your Powers to bring it to me. Go now and mingle your elemental powers together, set your legions of spirits to Work on manifesting what is on this paper, and bring it to me in a way that brings no physical, mental, or spiritual harm to myself or any other incarnate human. Go now in the name of [HGA] and do not rest until that which I desire is manifest. I thank you, and all honor and praise be to the Source of us all, world without end amen."

Or whatever.

If you're using a full altar for this, with lots of gods and spirits and representations of powerful moments in your spiritual growth, it will be even more powerful. You can tailor the rite to be as detailed and exotic or as simple and straightforward as you like or have time for. Magical practice is pretty simple, especially when you've got the basics already in place.


  1. Great Post!

    This concept of magical machine is also how Tibetan Mandalas work, albeit at a much more complex level.

  2. I really like where you are going with this. Altars are very important in my practice for many of the reasons that you mention, but I also get a lot of pleasure and relaxation out of them: creating them, cleaning them, finding special stuff add, removing stuff are not relevant any longer. It's an ongoing project.

  3. oddly, I am working on two such devices right now. Though, they are very idiotsyncratic. I mean er idiosyncratic.


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