Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh.... never mind

Having a difficult time communicating finer points of your philosophy this week? I am. It's frustrating, annoying as shit, as they say. But, being the awesome magician that I am, I figured out that Mercury must have gone retrograde. The issues with Balthazar last week made me wonder, in passing, if Mercury was retrograde, but I never bothered to check. Sure enough, it went retro Sunday.

My pattern, as I've noted before on the blog over the years, is that around two weeks before Mercury goes retro, communications go haywire in my sphere of manifestation. People don't understand me as well, I don't understand others as well, and I get into more online debates that turn out to be a big hoo-hurrah over a minor misunderstanding of intent, language, or both.

While it's nice to be able to count on some things being consistent in life, I'd like to know why it has to be things like this.

So, in the interest of avoiding the Theunielim, I'm just gonna give up trying to clarify myself.

But Mercury Retrogrades aren't supposed to be that big of a deal, in traditional astrology. It's a minor negative at best. The modern astrological world has exaggerated the impact of Mercury Retrograde a lot, according to Chris Warnock.

I am personally of the opinion that the reason Mercury Retrograde's effects are so predictable in regards to my own life have to do with where Mercury is in my natal chart, and the profession I'm in. Being a writer, even the otherwise insignificant effects of Mercury going retrograde are magnified in my sphere. With Mercury in the 8th House, and in Gemini to boot, I'm pretty much doomed to misunderstandings relative to occult conversations whenever Mercury starts slowing. It's the period of the slowing that affects me the most, it seems.

I'm just guessing, I'm no astrological pro. I'd love to hear some feedback from someone smarter than I about whether I'll be doomed for life or not.


  1. Well, mercury is combust in my chart - which, apparently, is supposed to be the hallmark of the dimwitted, according to traditional astrology. It was combust in Einstein's natal also, for what it's worth. But I must concur miscommunication seems to be greater than usual in my life too, so there might be something to the idea that an afflicted natal mercury is more susceptible to the retrograde condition...

  2. Unless you have a retro Mercury in your natal chart, I wouldn't worry about it too much. This retrograde is in Taurus (your sign) so you might be a little more sensitive than usual, also.

    Additionally, I sent you an email re: How to Request Info from an Occultist, etc. and hadn't received an answer from you (lol) maybe Mercury caused the mis-communication...so just to be sure, you can let me know which is the correct email to send it to. ~ Lori

  3. So this mercury retro feels particularly acute for at least two other people, huh?

    Maybe there's something in that. But I'm nowhere near an astrology pro, myself.

    Is there any way I can pin this on an Icelandic volcano? :)

  4. I always notice problems with the retrogrades, I dont look for them but being on magical sites I see when they happen after the fact and go. Huh... :)

    I think Mercury Retrograde being so terrible has to do with the amount and depth of things we need to communicate compared to other ages. Phone, Email, TXT, etc etc.

    Frater EST


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