Monday, April 19, 2010

Postmodern Magic Blog

In case you wondered why I rarely post links to Patrick Dunn's blog posts, since he's one of my very best and longest-held friends in the world, it's because since May of 2009, I haven't received ONE SINGLE update from his blog. Apparently something happened back then to the feed or something, and I just sort of assumed he hadn't blogged in a while. I hadn't realized how long of a while it was until Lavanah helpfully posted a link to his blog on hers today.

So, for anyone ELSE out there who used to enjoy the sporadic posts from the author of Postmodern Magic and another book with a longer title (which is no longer sitting behind my head for quick reference like it was before the fire) but haven't seen anything from the good professor in a freaking year, please use the following link:

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