Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the Alien known as the Lady Bune

Dude, are you nuckin' futs? There are things that are no one's god damned business, things that are not going to be discussed.

But there is no bottom to the rabbit hole you're going down. Tunnels of Set indeed.


  1. Was responding to a comment on the previous post. :D

  2. For serious though, it wasn't long after conjuring Bune into the Spirit Pot that I ran into the Plaeideans and their channeled stuff, along with Ancient Aliens and whatnot.

    I try to keep track of which Workings coincide with fresh outbursts of manifestations of alien talk in my sphere. For instance, during my Arbatel work a few weeks ago, there wasn't much, but when I Work with Intelligences of Planets, or Enochian there will be random mentions or comments about alien connections to occult wisdom that just randomly crop up in comments or posts to yahoo groups.

    I've just always gotten the feeling that pursuing the connections would be too risky. The symbol sets are loose enough to find parallels that may or may not be valid, and there's too much paranoia in the alien current for my taste. And I have a bad history with conspiracy theory that runs in my family. My mom prays over grains of wheat and then drops it around Masonic temples and other Illuminati fronts for Jesus.

    Foreign life forms inventory
    Suspended state of cryogenics
    Selective amnesia's the story
    Believed foretold but who'd suspect
    The military Intelligence
    Two words combined that can't make sense
    Possibly I've seen to much
    Hangar 18 I know too much

  3. @your mom: Woah, like, for real for real? I mean, we've had brief discussions about conspiracy theories, but you never mentioned that to me. I didn't realize the subject had such personal weight with you.

    I'm veering away from my conspiracy mentality as the days go by because I am tired of living in fear, and also because I found substantial reason to question the book of Revelation's validity and authenticity, and I think a lot of the theories at this point operate along anti-semitic, fear mongering, hate mongering ideologies.

    On the subject of Plaeideans and alien channeling, I've encountered people that are (or seem) totally batshit crazy after delving too deeply into that arena. "Puzuzu" of would be a great example, in my opinion. Not to mention David Icke...

    Sounds like nonsense I'd much rather not get mixed up in. *shrug*

  4. Your comment on this page is more than I was looking for. Sorry if how I asked in the first place seemed disrespectful. Wasnt meant to be but it is a difficult thing to ask. I had asked Bune for wit to use at a party and then banished and such. Most there were on X and I took some LSD. Everyone was energetically connected and the Pelaedian references and lizards came from their mouths. None are practicers of anything that I know of, so that is where the hunch of the connection came from.

  5. No worries, anon, I was serious about the original post too. It's a slippery slope pursuing aliens and demons. No end to that rabbit hole, and madness lies in wait around every twist and bend.


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