Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Being Busy, and the 8th Sphere and Jack

I have 6 frickin' unfinished blog posts that I've started over the last week that were inspired by some deep insight, fellow bloggers, or magical Work. Every time I started one, something's come up, so I'm just publishing this fucking post to get something published that I started this week before it's over.

Oh, and I did some magic before going to sleep last night that was awesome. Jack's Self Love and Desire post has more than the usual bits of Hermetic/Great Work Gold sprinkled throughout. The Work I did last night was 8th sphere stuff, mildly, mostly to keep my toes in a current that started flowing a month ago. Under the section he titled "Traps," specifically the "I Can't Do That" bullet, he mentions shooting fireballs and walking through walls. While the fireballs out of the fingertips may be beyond the grasp of those that Hymneth in Silence to the Father, I do know that guru thing that I've seen on video of the old guru or yogi who can channel prana or chi or whatever through his fingertips, touch someone, and throw them against the wall as a result... You know what I'm talking about? That thing. Anyway, I know that's possible.

There's this thing you do with this muscle in your wrist, I think, and this power just flows, but you have to be in just the right frame of mind, objectively observing while having a mild intent that also is without expectation. And you have to smile.

You know all those hokey hand gestures you see magicians doing in fiction? Turns out there's something to all that. As I learn more, I will pass on what I can, but it's like Hermetic Mudras. The power is activated using minute muscle control and mental awareness. And an attunement from one of the spirits, I think, or at least direct training.

I haven't tossed anyone across the room yet, but I can feel it flowing and pooling in my palm when I get the mind and body properly harmonized and aimed right.

I think fireballs may not be beyond the realm of possibility, eventually, and walking through walls? That's actually Ancient Christian Tech. Heven't figured it out yet, but it's on my list.


  1. Grats on the Hand Gestures. You're right, by the way. *grin* And thanks for the plug.

  2. We need to talk in person. There are some gestures that I want to show you. We can trade some tech.

    Also, if you dont mind me suggesting related readings I would like to suggest the following books as being related to the work you are doing, and filled with tech that is easily transferable to your hermetic approach:

    1. Secret Power of Tantric Breathing - Swami Sivapriyanada
    2. Taoist Astral healing - Mantak Chia
    3. Tantric Arts and Meditation in the Tendai Tradition by Michael Saso

  3. I wanted to add that the hands and feet being associated with Hod should be extremely telling to a Ceremonial Magician, but the factor is very often overlooked because Hod's often treated as just being a formative Sephira on the path to Tiphareth. It's one of the natural seats for a magician, however, and is the domain of the Thaumaturge in the highest (and even a Theurgical sense).

    To quote Liber AL: "I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. "Come unto me" is a foolish word: for it is I that go." (Liber AL II: 7)

  4. @Jack: You're counting down from Keter using the Tree of Life from KBL. I'm counting up starting with the First Sphere being the Moon, the first Planetary Sphere. Think Ptolemy's Geocentric Cosmology of the planetary spheres. The 8th sphere is the one beyond Saturn, the "Sphere of the Zodiac" or "Sphere of the Fixed Stars" in Agrippa's Scale of the Number 10 (Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book 2, chapter 13, I think).

    I'm a Hermeticist, not a Kabbalist. :D

  5. I would mention about the "fire balls", that I don't think by now that is literally possible, and I see is as the example you said about the Yogi.

    What is really possible is the fact that we can direct energy from our bodies, specifically the thumb, index and middle finger. There is a technique to do that, is part of the regular teachings of AMORC, for example, you can magnetize water to improve health, you can direct energy from your body into a chakra or ganglion in order to heal. When this technique is well developed, it is very useful for many purposes.

  6. @RO: Fair do, fair do. I'll munch on that, myself. Might I add, though: I'm not Kabalist by nature, either. It's just a useful analogy toward what I mean at best.

    The hands and feet represent the Will and the Path. The Word can too, but... you know.

  7. Could you post an entry detailing how to do 'that thing'? It's rather easy to cause pain (aching pain, while it works as a demonstration of Magic it would be useless as an attack) with basic energy techniques. So a real life fireball seems very doable; a knowledge of sensitive nerves in the body would be very useful for such a project.

  8. Pretty sure it is in Agrippa somewhere, he talks about specific hand gestures for the planets or something. Or maybe it was Ficino. I'll need to go dig it up. There was hand gestures for something.

  9. And lalala I don't compute any of that Kababblah stuff. I'm a Greek not a Jew. And the Greeks relied on Astrology as their main framework, which they inherited from the Babylonians. I <3 ROs adherence to tradition in that respect.


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