Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Red Work Series of Courses

Courses are now available for registration. See the links on the right on the top of my blog for more information. I'll be writing up detailed descriptions over the next few days.

I'm only running the Black, White, and Green courses right now. I'm sure that will be enough for me to handle at one time. Since I'm only one person, I'll be providing materials on the following schedule:

  • Black Work: 1st lesson July 16th, additional lessons every other week.
  • White Work: 1st lesson July 23rd, additional lessons weekly.
  • Green Work: 1st lesson July 23rd, additional lessons every other week.

Remember, the Black Work is for people totally new to magic in general, or those who want a solid foundation of stuff that I know works based on my experiences. It's a lot of work and is the most expensive. This is the Hermetic Magic Basics class, the stuff you'd study in the first few degrees of an organized lodge. There's a lot of core doctrine teaching, with explanations of your role in relation to the world around you and the spirits above (and below) you. There's also a fair amount of practical Work, the creation of your altar, the creation/accumulation of magical tools, and introductions to the conjuration process I use most frequently. We'll be doing conjure rites with the Elemental spirits, as well as learning to work in harmony with the Spirits of Place, the Genii Loci. This course includes an exploration of the Emanations of our Mother, the Spiritus Mundi. As we go through this process, we'll begin the Great Work, begin turning up the spiritual heat and seeing the things that stop you from being who you were meant to be rise to the surface where they can be observed, contemplated, and addressed as needed. This course will include the establishment of a firm foundation in the Sphere of the Moon from which the White Work can begin.

The White Work is some major heavy lifting. We'll be aiming to attain the Solar/Supernatural Assistant, and that will be the bulk of the Work. A lot of shit rises to the surface. Hopefully the Black Work we've done will prepare you. We'll also explore the relationship between the magician and the assistant, and we'll Work on exploring in closer detail the practical and spiritual applications of your relationship with the spirit. I'll go over the things I've learned about Goety at this point, along with some heavy-handed warnings and not-so-subtle admonitions to avoid a particular grimoire that bites. We'll end this course with a series of introductions to the 7 Planetary Governors.

The Green Work will explore the Seven Heavens in detail. This will be at least a 17-week course, if I remember the outline right. Haven't checked lately. The goal in this stage is to establish relationships with each of the Seven Planetary Intelligences, Archangels, and Governors. We'll obtain initiations into each sphere, and integrate those forces over time. We'll also be Working with the Spirits, Angels, and Legions of the planetary spheres, exploring the ways they affect the material realm, and ways we can increase our abilities to work in harmony with them in our daily lives.

When we have enough people who are ready, we'll begin the Red Work, where we start knocking seriously on the gates of the Eighth Sphere and take the next steps in the transformation into Powers.

Before signing up for the courses, take a look at where you're at. The people who succeeded in the Supernatural Assistant Course were those who had been through some version of the Black Work course I described above. Witches with an initiatory tradition, Rosicrucians with an initiatory tradition, people who had done the "grunt work" that needs to be done to start getting you clear and prepared for the communion with the Supernatural Assistant. If you've been through that already and feel confident that you've dealt with the happy horse shit that comes out in the early Work, start at the White Course.

If you've been through the Supernatural Assistant Course and feel ready (VG, I'm looking at you), start at the Green Course.

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  1. These are great news Fr RO, count me in for the Green Work.


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