Monday, December 06, 2010

Directing Forces from Talismans

A friend of mine posted on his Facebook status something about when you're carrying around a Saturn bag, don't be all shocked when you start feeling depressed and gloomy. Excellent advice!

One of the biggest dangers in magic, at least, right now as I write this because I'm thinking about it, is forgotten magic. You do a spell or make a talisman, or conjure up a spirit and ask it to do something, and then you go on about your life. Two weeks later when it's starting to manifest, you've forgotten all about it and miss out on the opportunities you've engineered, or you're not directing the forces you've put together into the original intent anymore.

When you make a talisman and start wearing it, like my friend above did, it begins influencing your sphere immediately, but the cumulative effects take a while to start manifesting. A luck talisman will start filling your sphere up with luck, but it's like pouring hot water into a bowl of cold water. It takes a while to warm up, but if you keep the source flowing, keep pouring hot water into the bowl, eventually the bowl and the water in it will all be hot. A luck talisman is pumping luck into your sphere, but it can take a while to hit full potency.

With the Saturn bag, I doubt he started feeling gloomy and depressed all at once. I didn't ask, but there are a lot of good reasons to carry around a Saturn bag. If you want occult wisdom, or longer life, or there's something you're working on shutting down and you could use a little more binding power in your actions, you can carry it around and direct the forces it's emanating into your actions.

I do this by paying attention to what I'm doing. I picture the force in my mind as a sort of mini-star. It's sending out light and other forms of radiation, and is also a gravity well, drawing things into orbit around it so that its effects can be regulated, the way the Sun's solar effects are regulated on each of the planets in our solar system by the duration of the orbit and the distance from the sun.

It's your job to direct these forces. I've made a Solar Talisman before and consecrated it to Michael, and put it on a shelf, and forgot all about it. The talisman was directing general Solar forces through the Michael seal right about into my brain as I sat in front of my bookshelf working. Mart of the seal was the symbol for Leo, and it wasn't long before I began manifesting decidedly Leo-ish personality flaws. Being a Taurus, the influx of Leonine forces was strange and new and different. I was a Royal Pain in the Ass at that point, and it took people familiar with Leo issues to help me understand what was going on.

A little more direction of the forces was applied, and things got remarkably better. I had intended the talisman to fill my office with solar forces that would keep the parasitic spiritual Larvae accumulation under control. I didn't have a lot of time to spend on maintenance, so I tried to automate it. I assumed that the Michaelian forces of the Sun would just automatically drive off the negative spirits, which it did, but I didn't anticipate the other effects. So I had to take the steps to attune the forces more specifically.

We, being in the image of the First Father, create the same way he did. We use the Logos, we speak things into being. When you make a talisman, you consecrate it to a specific purpose, generally speaking. Whatever that purpose is, you set it in place by speaking it over the thing you've created. You draw on the appropriate symbols, taking the idea and giving it a symbolic form in the physical realm. A luck talisman may have an image of Mercury, the Caduceus, or the wheel of Fortune, something that directs the forces emanating from the sphere of power anchored on the talisman.

When you're carrying something that is that specific in its final form, it puts out the forces it represents through those symbols. But a planetary talisman, or a talisman of a spirit is a pretty general thing, and you've got to be directing the forces it represents, otherwise it just fills your sphere, and like water, seeks the lowest point to manifest.

When you put on the talisman, tell it what you want it to do. Tell it the specific aspect of the forces it represents that you want it to manifest. While you're wearing it, remember you're wearing it. Every once in a while, repeat the intent you have in wearing it, and direct the forces represented to manifest in specific ways. Saturn, bind the efforts of [business man X] in this meeting, or Saturn, provide the wisdom to see what hidden forces are at work in this situation.

Likewise with spirit conjurations. When you start seeing your results manifest, it's a good time to revisit the spirit and continue to work with it in the manifestation process. If you've got a job lined up after doing a ritual for prosperity, call it back up and talk to it about how you want things to go next. Get advice and give further direction.


  1. Gold Solid piece of advice!

  2. Great post, full of sound advice, sometimes we think magick is a fire and forget missile and give no direction to it.

  3. I love the advice about telling a talisman what to do. I think it is something that I will try personally and recommend to my conjure clients for their bags, because while the concept is implicit in the use and creation of a bag, seeing as you name it, feed it etc. It does make a lot of sense sense from a spiritist/animist perspective to talk to it and give it tasks related to it's area of influence too. Excellent.

  4. Very good stuff, especially in regards to talismans. I think it is possible, however, to stay *too* focused on results and not relax enough to let the magic work. It's a delicate balance.

  5. Wait, so you aren't a Royal Pain in the Ass already? Kidding =)

    I do like the idea of directing general talismans, though. Of course, being the perfectionist that I am, I'd rather have a wall full of specific talismans for specific purposes, but I haven't gotten that persnickety lead-to-gold thing down yet.


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