Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Hacktivist Revolution

Please, oh hacktivists, tell me you're smarter than this.


  1. O.O... Really?... No, wait, REALLY? Come on guys!

    I never imaged Anonymous would turn out to be a bunch of script kiddies. That sucks. So much for professional hacktavisim.

  2. Every well-organized movement has the fringe cannon fodder that are easily tracked and whose loss has little impact. Governments are well known to pretend the enemy is weaker and stupider than they are, and to under report the casualties. The media is a tool of the State. Figure they'll publish a high profile capture of a teenager hacktivist to make it seem like it's not serious.

  3. LOIC-tards are more of an annoying distraction than anything else, their "Anonymity" is in being one in a herd of thousands, and the low chance of any real legal action being taken against them.

    Still, it gives the news something to carry on about while the real activists are at work.


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