Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sanity Clause

I saw a present from the kids marked, "To Dad, From Sanety Klos." I thought it was funny, and then I thought maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. Fortunately, I never took that Oath.

But this time of year, who couldn't use a visit from Sane-ty Klos, come to spread some Sanity to stressed out moms, dads, and kids (of all ages) all over the world?

And honestly, it's not just at Christmas. All year long, the pressures of life are pushing people beyond the boundaries of sanity and into the realms of being out of control. There's only so much stress the mind can take before it begins to fracture, and when it finally cracks, the Ruach and Neschemah influence is gone, and we're all in the power of the Nephesh and the Guf. By the time we get back to being a mostly unified being, we've said shit, done shit, and generally made a mess of our lives.

So, I propose a contract modification to the Universe. I think we incarnate humans should have the right to invoke the Sanity Clause at any point in time when the pressures of existence have fractured our sanity. When things start getting bad, we should be able to say, "I invoke the Sanity Clause" and have a brief respite from the stresses of the moment. Or a reset moment.

While the Contract Specialists in Jupiter work out all the legal details with Mercury and such, all we can do in the mean time is continue the Work.


  1. Those of us who are Groucho Marxists know that there is no such thing as a Sanity Claus. (Know your classical texts!)

  2. Can I include a mandated city break in my sanity clause when I invoke it?

    Because I don't know what else would work.

    Yes I do. Wine.


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