Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting the Million Dollar Idea

Jason Miller posted a field report yesterday, and the client who wrote it closed with "I haven’t gotten the million dollar idea yet or won the lottery, but these developements are all welcome."

The million dollar idea. 

I have a million dollar aspiration, but I don't have the capital to execute a million dollar idea yet. I will, soon enough though, because I'm not hung up on waiting for the million dollar idea.* I've got a few thousand dollar ideas I'm working on. Over time, they'll be the framework for the million dollar ideas, and those in turn will lead to the billion dollar ideas, if necessary. I think I'll quit around $5 million. That really should be enough and then some.

Thousand dollar ideas are great though. Gordon's recent post about how he shouldn't have gotten a degree in film got me thinking about it. He uses the phrase "Everyone can make an extra $1k" and links to a web site I haven't checked out in detail, but I think the phrase itself is one of the most valuable things I've seen stated in black and white, clear as day, in a long long time.

Anyone can make an extra $1k. I made $3,200 between October and January delivering pizzas three nights a week and all day Sunday. It took about five and a half weeks to make a thousand dollars. It wasn't "an extra" thousand because I took the job to work off a specific debt, but it was something anyone can do, even if they already have a day job. And it doesn't take long, five weeks is nothing.

A thousand dollars is huge. With a thousand dollars, you can open five one-hundred-dollar businesses and have enough left over to put into advertising the ones that get the most interest. Start those revenue streams, and pretty soon you'll have enough coming in to be able to make your million dollar idea a reality.

The most important thing to remember is that you can always get started on the path to the million dollar reality wherever you're at right now. You don't have to wait. If a million dollar goal is out of your reach, build yourself a thousand dollar ladder. Make it a small goal, see how easy it is to accomplish it, and then you'll know you can get to the million dollar mark just as easily. 

Magic-ing up a Million Dollar Idea

People who have million dollar ideas are geniuses. Ok, that's probably arguable. A lot of them are really smart fellows, but they're also lucky, connected, and have access to funding that most people don't have. Steve Jobs got invested in early. So did Zuckerberg, and Gates. But you've got better connections iwth the spirits, and we'll talk about that later.

I'm not a genius. In a few years, people will say I am because I'm going to be really wealthy and I'll carry myself as if I were a genius, and they'll let me because they're sycophants, and in fact their job security will likely be directly tied to whether or not they play along with it, but the fact is this: I'm subgenius. I have test scores to prove it. Tickle test scores, even, so you know it's for reals.

Still, I'm not worried about getting that million dollar idea. I don't have to be a genius, I already have a Genius.

I get a lot of questions about how to Work with the Genius of the Nativity. I don't answer them often, because they're just hard to talk about. I've sat down to write up an advanced ebook on the subject a couple of times, and it just doesn't happen. The time is not yet, I figure, and focus on what I can write instead. It's kind of how I deal with things.

But for million dollar ideas and "Strokes of Genius," there's no better spirit than your natal Genius. This is the spirit whose role and function in classical Greece was the basis for what we use the word for now. They are the muse, the spirit of inspiration that we honor in people who we say are geniuses.

Figuring out the name is the hardest part. Actually, getting the prenatal syzygy is the hardest part, but once that's done you're all set. When you have the name, you write it on a lamen from the Modern Angelic Grimoire and conjure it using the rites of Trithemius. And then you ask it for inspirational ideas to make money.

And don't get hung up on the million dollar idea. Go with what they give you. Trust that it will at least pave the way for the million dollar idea if it's a thousand dollar idea to start with.

Magic-ing up Success

Once you've got your business structure in place, a web site, products to sell, paypal or google checkout buttons set up to process credit cards, once all that mundane stuff is in place, it's time to play the trump card.

Bless the fuck out of your business. Put your logo on your cash box. Use the Gates Rites**  to supercharge your business, balance your life, and master your Kingdom. Hire me to do it for you if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, I'm really good at money magic for people. It's the easiest kind of magic to do and track, imo.

But you aren't stuck with me. Jason's got Dzambhala/White Mahakla talismans available right now. Chris Warnock sells astrological wealth talismans. Michael Cecchetelli can probably be talked into making you a Jupiter Talisman using his latest Marduk experiments to strong effect. Dhr. Balthazar and Fr. AIT and Mr. Valentine are available for the hoodoo.

Or do it yourself. Every planetary Intelligence can help you get money, whether it's plutonic wealth of Saturn to finding hidden treasure on the Astral planes of the Moon. You've got a Threefold Keeper, according to Agrippa, and the Genius is a third of it. Another third of it is the Daimon of Profession who has all kinds of good information to provide you. You conjure the Genius and ask to speak to your personal Daimon of Profession. It's that simple. Every elemental spirit can help get you money. Your ancestor spirits can bring in cash. Hell, you probably have enough wandering ghosts in your house right now that you don't even know about who could be tapped and asked for help. Your local Genius Loci*** know more ways to profit in your neighborhood than you ever will on your own.

Put these spirit resources to work bringing your business success. My favorite method is a Jupiter-Mercury rite, but the most effective thing I've seen is the whole Gates series, it builds up the momentum nicely.

Seriously, just try it. Get a job somewhere for a week delivering pizzas or waiting tables, and take the couple hundred dollars you make and start a business and do some magic.

* Neither is the field reporter, that's obvious, but I just want to make sure I acknowledge that before any wires get crossed. Mercury goes direct tomorrow.

** The complete set comes to $83.65, a relatively modest investment, and you can buy it incrementally as you need it.

*** By the way, I consider the Fae to be specific classes of Genius Loci, and I honor them in my local area all the time. That last post was a total joke, an offering to Mercury in gratitude for getting me through the Rx in style.


  1. Awesome post, and true! I hear folk whining about being broke all the time....folk with no kids and one job that works them 35 hours a week. Go get that money, man!

  2. 1. Are you going to get wealthy by selling your autobiography? Because I would totes snap that up.

    2. When you get a moment, look into the link. Ramit is key. Jason will back me up on that.

    3. You rock.

  3. My plan for now is to merely stay on RO's good side. When he hits the million dollar idea I plan to cojole him in to thinking I'm a terrific guy; so terrific of a guy that he will feel compelled to offer me some of that 5 million he will acquire.

  4. I admire your great ambitions on acquiring money, but money is the source of poverty as well as slavery in the world. It makes us slaves to whoever owns the money, and it makes those that own it slaves to their own paper. It might be more fruitful if someone would find a way to destroy the current banking system and create something better from it, like a sewer.

  5. Laff, I like your ideology, and it would be brilliant if people could work only for what they need, but exchange systems of currency have given us the ability to "store work" and spread it across a whole spectrum of things.

    Without money, basically, we'd be hunter-gatherer tribes and farmers. No computers, no internet, no cars, no Cake.


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