Thursday, August 04, 2011

Idiocy and the Secret Papers

Once upon a time, it was popular among certain groups of mystics to claim that they, and they alone, had all the secret papers that taught the One True Way to do Magic. They made up stories about meeting people who displayed fantastic powers, and used the fraudulent tricks of the Spiritualists that were popular at the same time to pretend to receive letters from invisible ascended masters.

When the various orders and traditions of these magicians inevitably imploded, the public at large jeered and happily went on with their lives. Mystics drawn to the promises of Secret Traditional Spiritual Wisdom were disappointed with yet another dead end, and went on their way looking to older materials for glimpses of the eternal light.

But some people, upon seeing the Temples and the Ordos implode, splinter, and implode again without ever producing any signs of ascended masters from their ranks, couldn't stand to give up their illusions. "The lies they told, I mean, the Myths they told were really TRUE, it was just that they were lying when they said THEY had the secrets!" they told themselves. "Someone somewhere MUST have the REAL secrets!" And so saying, they bounded off into the darkness holding fast to their beliefs in Secret Lodges of Western Magick with unbroken lineages dating back to Atlantis that held the true keys to the secrets of the ages.

A whole new batch of frauds and fakes, seeing a genre to be tapped, a profit of power, control, and manipulation (and money) to be made at someone else's expense, leaped at the chance to be the purveyors of the "authentic" secret papers and traditions. They built up new towers of falsehood for these eager-to-be-deceived fools to flock to. They produced manuscripts with older sources, for the archaeology they had at their disposal was much better than the archaeology available to their predecessors, and they found that the modern students were as eager to ignore the obvious fabrications just like they had been in the early 20th century. These truly Black Brothers tapped the will to believe the Masonic Myths, played on the eagerness to belong, to have the TRUE SECRET POWERS, and programmed their students to look down upon and mock those who saw through their lies as a defense mechanism, just like spiritual frauds and fakes have always done.

To this very day, there are those who espouse ludicrous, laughable and obviously made up bullshit as the truth because they really want to believe there's a lodge somewhere that wasn't just the Post-Victorian Imperialistic British playing dress up in what they thought Egyptian priests wore for a lark.

If you want to play those reindeer games, by all means feel free to do so. But don't try to tell me your personal fantasies are really the really real truth. There are no secret documents that weren't developed in the last century, there is no secret Order of initiates from Atlantis, there is no hidden group of ascending masters who will be able to teach you anything you can't find on the internet for free (, or figure out on your own if you try hard and ask the right spirits for help.

Fuck the idiots and their stupid fairy tales who try to tell you different. Conjure the spirits and get to Work on your own.


  1. Yep. And yet, who doesn't enjoy a good striped nemes from time to time?

  2. Official decrees, degrees and historical documents do not impress me and do not preclude people from being embarassing assholes. The whole immature debacle makes me disinterested in their claims

  3. I'd be a follower of those idiots if I threw away my discernment. Thank God I didn't.

  4. The world is full of idiots (myself included) that have played dress-up, and looked for mystical 'Wisdom of the Ages' from other well-meaning fools and the less endearing con-man. What's new? This sort of thing has always happened and will continue to happen. People are stupid, at least some of us recognize how much stupid we're being and try very hard not to get worse...but it's a terminal condition ;-) Even the Great Work cannot save us from that. Look at the fates of some of the most celebrated Heroes and other figures that won immortality - theirs is not the happiest of tales, but at least it is one of renown!


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