Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Unique Opportunity

Because of your discerning taste in blogs, you're in a position to get something that very few others are going to have a chance to get.

Michael Cecchetelli, author of Crossed Keys is putting together something pretty cool.

He's a member of the Gentlemen for Jupiter, and for the last four months he's been working closely with the the forces of the sphere of Jupiter, and having really good results. He's written a few blog posts on his experiments, and I don't know how much he's made publicly available about his results, but from our conversations I can tell you he's doing very well integrating the forces of Jupiter. He's had increases in his income and windfalls of all sorts, with Jupiter making his ties to its manifestation apparent every step of the way.

One of the things that just happened to wander into his life lately was four (yeah, four, that's how subtle Jupiter's being with him) silver Jupiter Talismans made using the image from Francis Barrett's The Magus*. He's consecrating one for himself, but he's making the rest available to the public.

And he's using the rites of the Crossed Keys to consecrate them. He's using both the Black Dragon and Enchiridion of Pope Leo together to create Crossed Keys Jupiter Talismans.

I'll wait for a minute and let that sink in a bit.

The author of Crossed Keys, an awesome grimoire that you won't be able to buy pretty soon, who has spent four months steeped in Jupiter's forces, is using the grimoire he knows intimately to consecrate four Crossed Keys Jupiter Talismans he got from Jupiter.

He's only got three available at the moment. He's selling them for $225. If you're interested, email him directly at THIS LINK.

I'll update this post when they're no longer available. They're no longer available.

* That's the "Joseph Smith Jupiter Talisman," but done right, in case you're wondering.


  1. Ummm...what were the astrological conditions that these were cast under? Jupiter has been peregrine, ie without essential dignity, for awhile now. I know that the whole astrological thing is a drag for ceremonial magicians, but Barrett and his source, Agrippa, and Picatrix, Agrippa's source are all pretty adamant that the astrology is key.

    For example, Agrippa says of the talisman referenced, "The second is called the table of Jupiter...They say that if it be impressed upon a Silver plate with Jupiter being powerfull, and ruling, it conduceth to gain, and riches..." etc. TBOP Bk II ch 22. If these were cast after January 2011, they don't follow Barrett, Agrippa or Picatrix's instructions for when to create Jupiter talismans because Jupiter has been pretty weak since then.

    Now granted, you could consecrate the #$^&$ out of them without the timing and get a good effect, but you could consecrate the #$^&$ out of a bottle cap, 100 yen piece or a hairbrush and get an effect too. Using an astrological image, but ignoring astrological timing means that you're losing a significant amount of potential magical power plus you're ignoring what the traditional sources say to do.

    There's no requirement that everybody follow traditional sources of astrological magic, by all means innovate. But let's be clear on what we are actually doing and label things correctly. If the appropriate astrological conditions aren't followed it's not the "'Joseph Smith Jupiter Talisman', but done right" unless "doing it right" means not following Smith following Barrett following Agrippa following Picatrix.

  2. Hi Chris - first let me say I love your site and have been trying to convince myself that I have the time for your full course for a year now, but between Crossed Keys and my next work I've never quite managed to make enough time. Beyond any shadow of a doubt your material and presentation are the definitive in the field and I fully intend to enroll by new years.

    The answer to your question as to the Astrological considerations and elections under which these were cast is, quite simply, I do not know. The purveyor from whom I obtained them assures me they were made at the most advantageous election, but as I did not cast them myself I can't swear to it and I wouldnt seek to mislead anyone by implying otherwise, so let me state emphatically that I have no idea when these were cast. (A local botanica owner offered me 4 of them for a signed fine edition of my book when I was in his store picking up incense and oil.)

    That, however, is of no consequence to me because in my practice Astrological considerations are limited to operating on the day of the week ruled by the planet most favorable to the working. While I understand that traditional Renaissance Astrology in which you are expert relies heavily on such elections, Ceremonial Magick does not and places the emphasis on the Magick being done, not so much on when its being done. What consideration I do give to such matters is, as aforementioned, operating on the planet's day appropriate, and when working on talismans or amulets it is the day & hour of the Magick and Consecration that I consider, not that of when the object was crafted.

    Put simply, in the Grimoiric/ Ceremonial Magick in which I am proficient and have been greatly successful, an experienced Magus could empower and consecrate a marble and it would be as virtuous as if he'd used the same Magick to consecrate a Joseph Smith talisman which was crafted in precise compliance to Renaissance specs. As mentioned, I obtained 4 of these, and only 3 are for sale. Thats because I kept one which I've already consecrated back on July 28, on Thursday, Jupiter's Day. Since then, as my G4J brethren can attest I would be more than willing to prove, I received a completely unexpected promotion at work, and signed off on my second book - both of which happened last Thursday.

    I have no doubt that your method of astrologically elected time of casting is amazingly beneficial to you, and believe me I wish to hell I knew half of what you know. In my practice of CM, however, its not necessary.

    To be absolutely clear - I am NOT offering an authentic, astrologically correct Joseph Smith talisman. I am offering a Jupiterian talisman which I have consecrated and charged the hell out of, which has proven very effective for me, and which just happens to exist in the form of a half dollar sized coin designed to look like Joseph Smith's. It could just as easily be a velvet bag of Jupiterian herbs, a tin circle onto which I'd engraved Tzadkiel's sigil or anything else, because its the MAGICK that gives it virtue, not the design or time of birth.

  3. Mr. Warnock, you are correct sir. By "done right" I was referring to the image, as the talisman Joseph Smith was found weith at his death had some typos.

    From what he's told me, there's no way to know when or where they were cast. I think he would prefer they were cast by Wade at the appropriate time, but he's practical about things like this, using what was provided while working with Jupiter on manifesting Jupiter's forces.

    In my estimation, these talismans will be extremely effective, based on the "consecrating the fuck out of it" principle you refer to. The image is harmonious with the intent, and that plus the Jupiter Work and his intimate relationship with the Crossed Keys spirits is the primary empowerment of these talismans.

  4. Michael Cecchetelli is a member of the Latino kings gang and he is a magickal fraud who plagiarizes grimoire works.


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