Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving, brothers and sisters, I strongly urge you from the highest celestial heavens and the deepest chthonic caverns, do not be thankful for shit that sucks.

Do not dress up those things that bring you misery 364 days a year as blessings. Do not pretend you are happy if you are not. Do not justify putting up with scorn, ridicule, hatred, or abuse by focusing on some fantastical reward in the far off future, or in hopes that if you suffer long enough, patiently enough, things will just get better.

No, instead be thankful that you are intelligent, brilliant shining stars made in the image of God. Be thankful that you have received the power to create your world. Be thankful that you know better, that you can do better.

Be thankful that if you woke up today, you have everything you need to change your world completely. To make it brilliant. Beautiful. Fun. To find love, and happiness. To bring light and liberty to your world.

If this holiday secretly creeps you the fuck out, there's a reason. 

Change that shit.



  1. BRILLIANT man, yes creeps me out not so secretly though.


    Thankful for your ebooks already.

    P.S. NOT A stalker tho, lingerer yes.

  2. Yeah it is a brilliant post.and yes I am thankful for the good I have now and the bad that's strengthened me into what I am today .thank God Amen


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