Sunday, November 04, 2012

Seven Spheres in Seven Days: Phase II

[Meant to get this out this morning, totally got lost in other stuff, my bad. Will extend this thing another week though if you missed it.]

Last week was awesome. Those of you who joined in the rituals and festivities know what I'm talking about. Those who watched from the sidelines know what I'm talking about. Its fun, it's exciting, and the current we've got going right now is fuckin' huge. I just checked it this morning, and ... yeah. Good times this week.

Now, here's the deal if you want in: you have to have the Gates Rites. If you're a student of the Green Work course, you have all seven of the Gates Rites. If you bought all the courses at once in a special deal a while ago, you've got all the Gates Rites. If you don't have the Gates Rites, they can be purchased at my ebooks page.

If you missed a couple rites the first week, or if this is your first week, now's a good time to get started. I'll be doing one more week after this, to get anyone starting late a chance to go two full weeks with some direction and guidance.

Today's the day we launch Phase II for the folks who've spent the last week packing their spheres with the powers of the planets. I put together some mitigating filters on the forces to keep folks from getting fully burnt out if their spheres weren't prepared for the forces, and it was still a little rough on a couple people. Pay attention to that shit. Those are the planets you need to Work with more.

Phase I is about pumping in the powers to create a critical mass. Phase II is focused on preparing you for the Eighth Sphere. The Eighth Sphere is the sphere of silent hymns. I'll try to write more about that on the plane today. For now, just know that it's the sphere of the Mansions of the Moon, the Fixed Stars, andthe forces that are directed through this sphere downwards are just-barely crystalized Ideas from the Mind of God. Moving from this sphere to the Ninth moving up requires a transformation of the self into the form of a "Power." More on that later.

In the Eighth sphere, we learn to Hymn in Silence. The Hymns are hymns of CREATION. We are creator gods, and the most holy form of worship is the creation of our world. Hymning in silence seems, from my experience, to mean that we get apply the forces of creation at will through methods such as imagining a shape or form, tensing a muscle, and paying attention (focusing awareness) to a certain thing happening. t's an immediate thing that has a great deal of potential.

That's the downward-facing stuff, which is awesome, because that's like our day job, what we do while we're incarnated. We create the material world as we see fit. All of us, magicians and non magicians alike are creator gods, creating our reality second by second, thought by thought, paying for our experiences in the coin of our realms, our attention.

But when we're done with our day jobs, we go home to our lover. That's where the real payoff of this is for us.

In Phase I, we catch glimpses of the power, we get that ecstatic blissful rush, we experience God in extension. It's awesome. It brings tears to your eyes sometimes, other times it feels like you could fly, or set the world on fire and dance among the coals. It's a rush, the magic-high, and it's fuckin' awesome.

And while that's necessary to be the Creator God of your world, it's not the really really good stuff. That's just a taste. The Feast remains higher, and can be found by turning your attention to where those forces of the planets come from.

Phase II is about revealing to you the next level of the Source of all things. You catch the scent of your quarry in the seven spheres, but in the Eighth, you begin the Hunt. You're chasing after the big prize, and when you get the scent in your nose, see the signs of its passing, nothing will stop you from catching your prey. Phase II is preparation for the Hunt for God.

And oh, sweet brothers and sisters, such a beautiful hunt it is. Because he's also hunting us, and is greatly desirous to be found, the conssumate lover


  1. I think it's interesting that you're talking here about tensing muscles in order to achieve certain ends, and I'm doing this work with your crew... and today, my tai chi experience was all about being careful not to over-tense muscles and yesterday was about developing the skills involved in managing wrist-locks. And yesterday I also woke with a powerful urge to make or paint something.

    So I'm right with you on the downward-facing stuff. It's going well!

  2. Hey,
    When does week two exactly begin, this thursday? Or was it last thursday in which case I missed out again!


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