Wednesday, July 24, 2013

eBook Piracy: A Request

Every once in a while, I discover my stuff has been posted to Scribd, or some other place. While I consider piracy inevitable, and I consider it a form of advertisement, I also submit takedown requests every time.

Most of the stuff I write in the eBooks is the result of my research and practice. The research is all free at The experience you can get the same way I did, drawing out the circles and conjuring the spirits. I highly recommend it.

If someone wants to spread the things I teach, post a link to my blog, or to my eBooks page. Write a review on your own blog.

If you've got friends you want to share the stuff with, contact me and we'll talk about it. I'm on G+ and FaceBook. It's really easy to reach me.

That's all great, safe, and fun stuff to do that I strongly encourage you to try out for yourself.

But please, don't post my stuff online.



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