Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Reminder

You are a manifestation of an eternal deity expressing itself in an individuated multiplicity for fun.

In case you forgot.

I call this "being a creator god." That's what I mean when I say that. Thou art god. God is our source, we are manifestations of God. If "God" is light, we are light in extension.



So "the great work" is first of all remembering that you are God, then remembering how to God. Then godding your world up. Like a boss.


You are experiencing existence on purpose. You are doing it for fun, existence is pure joy. Even the pain is for "fun." It's not fun really, but it's better than nothing, and that's what we get without life. Nothing.

Boring. Nothing.

So now you are illuminated. I told you secret, and I put it in small words that even I could understand. You're in on it. You get it, you see me and the things I do and you now have the context to put it into perspective. RO is drunk, or sober, writing or not, laughing, fucking, teasing people or mocking himself. He is depressed, angry, frustrated, sad. He is ranting, frothing at the mouth. He is laughing and ecstatically praising Jove, or encouraging you to be an awesome God. He is sharing the secrets of the universe. He is cursing and blessing like a pompous ass.

All these are lies, or perhaps not lies... But certainly incidental to what I am actually doing. I'm really secretly just enjoying my existence.

On purpose. Doing what I like to do, creating, experiencing, destroying as I see fit.

For fun.

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