Thursday, October 17, 2013

4th Pentacle of Jupiter Update

Heh, dug up an old pic of my first attempt at making a talisman of Bariel from back in the day! I can see some errors in it now, but all things considered, not bad!

As you may recall, with Jupiter being all up in Cancer, I'm selling the 4th Pentacles of Jupiter, made to spec per the Clavicles of ol Solomon himself. I took a bunch of pre-orders, and I was trying to find a way to make them using the lost-wax casting method.

After months of failure in getting a decent model to use, I decided that rather than keep people waiting, I'd just make the talismans manually and get them shipped out. They have been turning out pretty well, I must say. I'm able to make two to three per planetary day, and as of today I am all caught up on back orders. I've got a couple to ship out to Australia sitting next to me, and as soon as I finish this post, I'll be heading to the post office.

I'm smithing the talisman blanks, then engraving them, consecrating them, blessing them as Flamen Dialis, and shipping them out with a hardcopy of the Talisman Maintenance and Operations Manual. And I've been signing those too, for fun. I conjure Tzadkiel and Bariel, don my Gents for Jupiter ring, and work under the auspices of these spirits and powers while I create, engrave, and consecrate these things. I confess to feeling a little high when I'm done throwing a hammer around for an hour, and these talismans are humming with power by the time I'm done with them.

I'm raising the price to $215 on these going forward, due to the increased workmanship involved. I think they're still totally worth it. If you agree, jump on board and order one while you can. Jupiter won't be in Cancer forever.

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