Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crucible Convention 2013... Gonna be EPIC!

The final schedule has been posted for the 2013 Crucible Convention! I'll be speaking Saturday Night from 8:30-10:00 PM.

I'm really excited about this year's Crucible. One might even say I'm ecstatic about it. I've got things planned behind the scenes that will set about the full-scale launch of the ROpocalypse!

But that's not entirely your business. What IS your business is this:

Crucible is a freaking steal! It's only $35 to pre-register, or $40 at the door. That's incredible! I will never charge so little for tickets to see me speak in public, I guarantee.

And you aren't just seeing me. This year's lineup includes Jason Miller, Andrieh Vitimus, Maggi Seti, and a bunch of other folks. Jason and Maggi will be presenting different aspects of love and sex magic, Andrieh's going to be laying out the groundwork of Information Magic, and there's a whole world of awesome other stuff to pick from.

Jason Colwell, co-host of Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole will be moderating the Discussion Panels, which I will totally be participating in. One is about hexencraft, the other's about the things we do in our daily practice as awesome magicians. Jason C.'s got his own talk this year too, on Paranormal Investigation and Supernatural Self Defense, which should be pretty interesting with his years of experience in paranormal investigations.

Check out the full schedule at this link. Honestly, there's a huge buffet of experience to enjoy at Crucible. The Omnimancers put on an amazing conference, and they charge about 25% what it's worth, and make back almost what they put into it. This is totally a labor of love on Arthur's part.

The only difficulty with Crucible is picking who to go see. Fortunately you can order video of the presentations you miss. If we blow the doors off attendance, maybe next year we can talk Arthur into having two tracks over two days, eh? You'd pay $125 a ticket for that, wouldn't you? I would. I totally would.

So come on, folks, come and join me in Jersey. Witness the transformation of the frightened self-conscious geeky RO into the Magus of the ROpocalypse in person!

Er... well...

Something like that. I suspect there will still be some geekery remaining after the transformation.

Here's the blurb/outline of what I'm planning on talking about. If I get a vision from God, I promise it will all change, but this is the blurb/outline of my PowerPoint so far:

Nothing but AN EYE: The Mysteries of Ecstatic Hermetics

Taking the title from Aleister Crowley’s “Broomstick Babblings” in the Book of Lies as the theme, in this year’s R.O. Crucible experience the good Frater explores what EYE we secretly are, deep within, and the methods of opening that eye through the application of Ecstatic Hermetics.

Entertaining, practical, and hopefully life changing, RO’s presentation will cover the necessary framework, methods of passing within, and some of the things he’s picked up along the way. RO focuses on providing the practical techniques that most people can use to replicate the process and the experiences he’s been through, because it’s secretly the most fun he ever had in his life and the only thing he thinks is worth passing on to anyone else.

Included this year (unless everything changes):

  • Hermes and the ecstatic mysteries
  • Wielding the Wand: Mystery of the Caduceus
  • WTF is Drunken Magus Style?
  • The Funky Monkey
  • Skipping Witches and Hopping Toads

If all goes according to plan, we’ll wrap things up with an eye-opening conjuration, and hopefully, drinks at the bar.

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