Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RO's Astrology Page Published!

Ok, so you know I put a lot of emphasis on astrological influences, and especially on the thinned veil that is beneficial when you conjure a spirit in its planetary hour on its planetary day. It's been super-effective for me, and I have a whole system based on planetary hours that I used to, ahem, create the philosopher's stone, and accomplish the Great Work.

Yeah, ahem, that.

What you may not know is that I spent a few hundred bucks on a software program that has every bell and every whistle necessary to create the awesome talismans I sell over at my Products web page*. That program has already paid for itself, and I have no regrets.

I use it to generate Genius and Evil Daimon names, mostly, for various elections. When I want something to go really well, I'll generate a chart based on when it started and make offerings and otherwise empower the Genius of the moment to encourage the desired outcome.

Likewise, for things I want to fail, I'll do the same for the Evil Daimon. Because fuck the shit I want to fail. Fuck it right up the ass with no lube.

The software comes with all kinds of perks that I don't regularly use though. These include interpretation reports that are based on modern astrology methods, and cool looking charts. These reports and charts are not as useful or weighty as the kind of thing you'd get from a professional astrologer. My current favorite pros are Austin Coppock and Christopher Warnock. If you want a detailed analysis of your personal chart, go see those guys.

But if you just want a fun and quick look at the highlights of your chart, I've got this software that generates it automagically. So I'm offering you the output of the program, at $35 per chart. You can select the chart graphic you want from my page, and you'll get a 22-25 page interpretation of the election you give me. It's mostly for interesting/entertaining purposes, though I've found it pretty useful myself. I'd still totally recommend going with a professional human, but if you've got an extra $35 you can spare on a quick and easy automated interpretation of your life, it's worth it.

So if you're interested, CLICK THIS LINK and pick a chart graphic, and I'll send you the interpretation file this software package generates. Totally affordable, totally interesting. Totally worth it.

* Note, when the text is red, or when you hover over the text and it turns into a hand icon, you can CLICK THE LINK to see what cool stuff I'm pasting a link to. For your benefit, and my profit. That's how it works. Links on my site are RED until you visit them.

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