Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Latest Addition to the RO Treasury of Occult Aesthetics: "Anatomy Occultus"

Today I was ever so pleased to receive a long-awaited piece from a fellow Mage and artist by the name of Chuk Vinson. He put together a print called "Anatomy Occultus: A Study of the Tree of Life" as both a magical study of the ToL and Adam Kadmon, but also as a means to raise funds for his local lodge (Dove and Serpent, Atlanta).

I thought it was incredibly cool when I saw it online, and leaped at the chance to get my own. It arrived today, all framed and awesome. I knew it would rock out loud, but I wasn't prepared for it to be this cool:

And here's one of me with it for scale:

(Yeah, and it's that shirt.)
So you really can't see the all the layers he's captured in the pics here, you've got to go check out his tumblr to see it in amazing detail. 

To purchase your own copy, hurry over and pick them up via Square Market:

He's got limited editions of signed numbered copies (I got number 000, cause RHIP) available, so jump on the chance. 

Also, remember the proceeds are going to Dove and Serpent Oasis. He's not even doing this level of awesome for profit. When I asked him about profit (cause you know, I'm still RO), he said he's "Just trying to make people have thoughts about other things than standard modern life and all that."

I'm down with that.

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