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Make a plan, and then... CHEAT!

"Get from Goal setting to Doing"
-Jason Miller
Ok, so I've got to admit I'm bored writing the "analyze your life and then make a plan and then implement the plan" posts. I think it's helpful, it's a really useful system for folks who like to make plans and shit, like myself, and it's a wonderful organizational tool to help you figure out what comes next.

Jason Miller wrote an awesome post on it this year, a follow up to a video he posted last year, and it's really awesome and covers just about everything I'd like to say anyway. So, go read it, because it's exactly the kind of balanced motivational thing that puts you in the right frame of mind for getting your ass in gear and making your life better, and it provides a perfect segue to what I REALLY want to talk about instead...

You know how he says the next thing is to do what you've planned? So true. Riffing off that, I'm going to get back to some really basic basics for magicians, and get a little philosophical and a little deep in the analysis of what it is we do as magicians, and why we do it, and how we can do it better.

There are a lot of people into magic(k) for self improvement, and while there's a lot to be said about how the magic(k)al framework provides a good framework through which you can attain knowledge and understanding of the practical application of the mystical fact that you are, in fact, a living and breathing incarnated deity, I'd like to focus on a different motivational reason to learn to use magic, to gain initiations, wisdom, understanding, and attainment:

To be able to cheat like bastards. To stack the deck in our favor. To have an ace in the hole, to have friends in high places pulling strings to our benefit, to bea ble to get stuff we want more easily than anyone else.

Hermes Plays Scrabble
Yes, you should be making a plan, and yes, you should be activating that plan as soon as humanly possible. Yes! YES YES YES!

But magician, fuckin' cheat. Use the power you have at your disposal, take authority over shit, make offerings, use talismans, conjure spirits, make offerings to gods, join a cult dedicated to the mysteries of manifesting wealth and power and blessing for your personal enjoyment, do the things we know how to do that make things happen the way we want for our benefit. Identify your key milestones in your plan, your main goals, and conjure the fuck out of it.

And let's be completely frank... Most people want money, and after they have as much of that as they need, they want someone to spend it with. Preferably someone they can also fuck. Don't feel bad if your primary goals involve money and being alone.

Tangent: You know, the mystical goals of magic(k) can also be said to be directly related to wealth and loneliness too. The main goal of reuniting with the divine Source of all is because we're unhappy with the material world, because we're broke and lonely. Or even worse, wealthy and in one or more otherwise healthy relationships, and still feeling unsatisfied and alone. The point of the personal transformation that takes place as a result of accomplishing the Great Work can be argued to be the attainment of the wisdom, awareness, understanding, and power that makes it possible to truly enjoy your life.

Money and sex might not provide the end state, it's true, but it does afford you the opportunity to truly understand their role in the creation and experience of joy. Joy can't be bought, or ever received from another person, it's got to come from you. That's a for real true fact that can't be dodged, denied, or avoided, you *will* learn that sooner or later, I guarantee.

But even after learning it, I gotta say... money and sex are still my favorite means of expressing my personal joy. It's fun. Neither are the point, both are modes and methods of expressing something beyond either, and there are plenty of other ways to get to the joy, for sure.

They're just my faves.

Back to the main point: CHEAT.

I decided to change the direction my life was going a couple weeks ago. I had been living off my occult business, which was technically doing pretty well, but I wasn't really happy. I was making what I needed, my growth was on track, about what I expected, and I could see that in a year I'd be where I wanted to be... but I could also get there faster, and have more fun in the process, if I did things differently. So I decided what I wanted to do instead, and did some magic, and tomorrow I start a new job doing what I did before, making more money.

I used my skills and talents, the power I've attained, I worked with the spirits I have established relatioships with, and I changed my life. I cheated, as it were, I stacked the deck, I worked with the forces that manifest reality to create an opportunity that was to my benefit.

I don't REALLY think it's cheating, by the way. I think it's just using the resources we have available. We can't do anything we aren't allowed to do in magic. We can't even consistently make everything happen exactly how we want. There are limits, there are unforeseeable consequences, there are unexpected results, and there are ways to use all that to your advantage when you get the knack.

But you can't REALLY cheat. It only looks like cheating to people who make plans and do things, and only have their own efforts working for them in life.

You know more, you have better access to the kinds of things that will help you win. Make talismans, conjure spirits, get money, find a relationship, do what it takes, follow through on your magic, of course, but use it!

Ahem, and if you're not comfortable with your own abilities, hire that shit done by others. I sell Business Booster rites to people that double and quadruple their revenues. I sell talismans that blow open the floodgates of opportunity for people to get wealthy. The Key of Solomon Talismans can help you attain more profitable knowledge and understanding and expand your skill sets, they can create opportunities for great wealth, get you the favor of people in high places, and bring you into relationships with the partner of your dreams.

But you don't need to buy that stuff, you can learn to do it yourself. I have courses, Jason Miller has courses, you can take these and learn the secrets yourself, go through the Work and become the Magus who creates as they speak.

Or do both, buy talismans and magical services you can't do, and use the resulting release of stress and pressure to take the time to take the courses. Because you can.


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