Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Planetary Gates of the Seven Spheres

I've recently received a number of requests for the Planetary Gates series of rites I put together a couple years ago. People are wondering where they are at, and why they can't buy the ebooks anymore.

Well, there's a reason they aren't for sale any more. They are being released, in a much-expanded fromat as a published book by Nephilim press.

In a week or two. Bwahahahaha!

Yes, that's right, I  went full bore on this and turned it into an actual book. It takes you through each of the spheres in a series of rituals that result in the release of a current that transforms everything in your life, like magic.

And it's great on its own. Many people will buy it and enjoy it, and experience some neat stuff as a result.

But like many things in the occult, this book exists as the same thing, but on multiple levels. While the book itself is sufficient to tap into the current, it will also serve as the textbook to the series of courses that will be replacing the Green Work courses I used to offer. I will be putting together an introductory presentation that recaps the Black Work course, training people in the fundamentals of the system of magic that I use (to great success). After that will be a presentation that covers the basic intentions of the class. Then there will be seven consecutive presentations, one for each sphere. Then there will be a conclusion, that covers the practical application of the cycle of rites that are covered in each of the previous presentations.

It's going to be pretty fucking intense.

The point is to empower you to be the king and queen of your world. You are the center of your existence, and it is through your decisions and actions that you influence the experience of your manifest lfie. From money, to sex, to happiness, to fulfillment, all of your life expereinces are the result of decisions you make based on your awareness of what's going on at the time.

The Seven Spheres book and course will take you through each of the planetary spheres and expose you to the intelligences of each sphere. You will receive the blessings and teachings of these spirits, and you will understand how those spirits and forces manifest through you in an intimate way to create or influence every expereince you have in your entire life. You will have the opportunity to integrate and project these forces as you see fit, expanding your potential by expanding your understanding.

The goal of this Work* is to create a world with more royals working together to express their fiat as they see fit. All are not called, all are not chosen to receive this Word, or to perform the Work of being themselves fully. And that's alright. I'm not going to change the world for everyone, I'm just here to help some folks understand a bit more about what they could be doing with their lives, if they tried.

But things are still in development. The page isn't ready at Nephilim to start taking orders, and I haven't finished the courses. It's coming though, and apparently I've got to get my ass in gear. I've got some magic to help with that.

Oh, and look for me and Harper in a city near you. We're putting together some presentations to present the system at a high level, and the message of my book at a specific level in as many places as we can reach over the next little while. We've got something booked already in March for Kentucky, at a place called Seven Spheres Oasis, of course.

More stuff to come as things develop.

* and you better believe the publication of every book I publish is a magical act

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