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So for Real
Guys! Hey guys! Holy shit, I'm totally published for real! And it's Seven Spheres, and it's going to be available at Nephilim Press in a couple of days  AVAILABLE NOW and I'm like shitting myself with excitement!

Alright, not just because it's about me getting published, although, fuck yeah, that rocks. It's about fucking time, amiright?

But here's the thing, guys, I don't want you to buy it unless you're actually going to use it. The book is a much-expanded version of the Seven Gates rites I put together, and it takes you through each planetary sphere, and draws down a specific power. As these powers integrate and manifest in your life, things just sort of change.

This is the practice manual for Hermetic Planetary Magic. It invokes a specific current that turns you into the King of your world. It gets you out of bad relationships and into good ones. It gets you out of bad jobs and into good ones. It gets you out of bad lives and on the path toward creating something better for yourself, using the powers and skills that are yours by birthright because you're an amazing magician.

There are limited numbers though, and I want them to go to people who will do the magic. I hope everyone who buys the book will also sign up for the accompanying class, but that's not entirely necessary. The book is $50, and the class is going to be $75, so a total of $125. You'll have to buy them separately though.

You can buy the book without buying the class, but you can't buy the class without buying the book, so if you're going to take the class, buy the book now.

Buy the book AT THIS LINK from Nephilim Press. I'll put up a link to the course later this week.

I'm not going to just make bold ass claims about how awesome my magical practice is in people's lives though, that's bullshit. I've got something better, the actual experience of folks who've done this already.

A group of us did these rites a couple years ago, when I thought getting published would be a matter of a few weeks, tops, in preparation for the launch. We went through and did a ton of high intensity magic in a very short period of time. You can see the kinds of transforamtion it had in people's lives, and also, note that it's not perfect perfection and everything they ever wanted all at once. Like all real magical transformations, it takes time to integrate and release the forces we're dealing with.

Some of the reports are from people who participate in my Red Work series of courses. That's great, it gives a stronger understanding of the forces and stuff we work with, but it's not necessary. I'd rather you jumped into this and joined the upcoming Seven Spheres course.

But anyway, on with the testimonies! We went through the Seven Spheres, and here's some of what happened over the next year in people's lives:

I got married, moved into a bigger apartment with lower rent, replaced my old car, and my bosses are trying to get me a two level promotion with a nice raise. Oh, that all happened in the last 7 days. My life is definitely exploding, but in good ways. This week is the first week calm enough that I can get my 5 week planetary cycle going. - T. R.

(Note, he's now in the UK pursuing the dream life.)

I've been able to institute some major changes in what I teach at school, how I teach, and how students learn: a lot more constructivism (i.e., getting kids to learn for themselves, more akin to learning alchemy than sitting in a lecture), training colleagues at my school and other schools. My life has been thrown into a tizzy by all of this. Great love, great power. My tai chi practice has taken off, too. I have a working studio as an artist-designer in the front room of my house, and a working studio at school that I share with 175 kids and another 40 adults. And thanks to the spirits of your grimoire, I know how to make use of these spaces, and an increasing number of my colleagues are learning. Solar power — drawing others into the orbits of self transformation!

All happy? No. I'm one creator-god among a small group of 200-odd creator-gods, and I'm pushing rope uphill against a lot of things — a sedentary egregore, a culture of "do the minimum", a high-stress working environment for kids and adults, a bad education market, and...

No matter. The spirits are clear that none of this can be fixed overnight; and some of it can't BE fixed. Sometimes what magicians have to do is keep hammering on doors that must be opened, even if we're not the ones who are going to open them.
- Andrew Watt

I was very active in the last month, so I dont know how much of it happened because of the planetary spheres, But anyway here it is: had some crazy love, got a new interesting job & 2 months of non-stop initiations in my chosen spiritual path in india.......... - Spiros Sonnu

It most certainly made a difference in my life. I did magic instead of just reading about it. I was ecstatic to be wrapped in the power to bring happiness to myself and others. At the same time, I was trying to hold up some things that I should have let go of. Being honest to yourself and understanding what will make you happy/fulfilled is hard. - Mr. L

There´s a lot of things. I improved my ritual skills, I moved to a bigger house with a room exclusive for magic, solved some mother problems to sell an apartment then I received some money too and payd some old bills. A new computer at least, but still no internet connection. Appears my writings are receiving more visibility.By other side, Mr Grim helped too: My girlfriend become into depression and have gone. Two persons who attack me right now are responding in various criminal justice.(Thanks Michael!) They tried to kill me. So I had to move house fast because I become chased by the gang from that two ones.That is, only to remember that the energies bring results, but sometimes something has to change dramatically. - Gilberto Strapazon

Immediate results: I noticed significant changes in my behaviors and personality. I became much more social. I started thinking a lot more about where my life was, where I want it go, and what I need to make that happen. For the first time in my life I'm pushing for a raise, which I am getting (just how much will be determined this week). The main thing that got me thinking about this was the fact that I've been dealing with depression for over 20 years, and I realized that I haven't had a significant low since this group was started and I performed 2 cycles of rituals. That meant more to me than all the other factors, though I'm quite happy with all changes I've noticed. - Seraph Bonobo

Honestly, it's been mixed. I feel like a lot of stuff is still boiling off of my sphere and it's all still in process. I've been regularly conjuring Raphael, Hermes, and Tzadkiel every week, and occasional the other planets. Lot of internal shifts and some good advice. But mundanely, I can't say things have gotten better or worse. Then again, most of the time I just ask FOR advice and blessings, not direct intervention. I still feel very weird about calling up the angels, etc, and demanding things. - H.C.

I did it, and had very positive results (but please note the distinction between 'positive' and 'pleasant'). From a macro perspective, I basically positioned myself to have a good career; I was in a bad place professionally, gone to seed, though I didn't realize it at the time. The catalyst was a relationship that started soon after, with a woman much better established than I was; I had the sense that an ordeal was coming and I think it was kind of an ordeal for both of us, and while we're still sorting that out, there's no question that huge internal changes happened, and I'm better off now than before. - J. M.

I'm a Red Work course member. Finished the black work, currently re-doing the white work, and I do 7 spheres gate rituals on and off. I haven't really given much feedback to you RO, but I'd like to think I've been successful with it. I'm in a MUCH better place than I was a year ago. Twice the income, arguably twice the happiness. Home life going well. Honestly, life is good. *Really* good. - R. D.

I came into this with severe doubts about where I was headed both magickally and professionally. As I stand now, I have no doubt about the path that I'm on. I've found what works, and I'm going in the right directions, and it's all just going to get better from now (not without bumps!) I have a lover who I adore and who makes me feel like a Queen - it's not a relationship that I think is destined to last for the long-term, but in the short term I am blissfully happy, -and- it's a relationship that teaches me a great many specific lessons I have needed to learn. I have grown in my relationships with the spirits. I am working toward meeting and knowing my HGA (of whatever title). I resolved my career uncertainties and took the path that was right for me instead of the one I felt pressured to take. (Now I just have to work on ensuring that the NIH sequestration doesn't mess that up..) There are probably things I've forgotten to list here, because I sprained my ankle on the way in to work and am in way more pain than promotes good cognition. Hey, they can't all be banner days, right? - Sierra Adams

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