Sunday, November 30, 2014

ROPOCALYPSE NOW! With Special Guest/Secret Mentor Deborah Castellano!

So, I'm going to start doing the ROpocalypse Now! broadcasts more regularly now that my book is published. I have things to talk about, things to say, things to teach, things to promote...

And there are these people, people you need to know about. I'm not insane, or alone in this stuff. I have friends that are making this shit happen, this "what thou will" shit, on the regular. I'm in talks now with a couple of my favorite Magicians to do some interviews.

This weekend I scored an interview with Deb Castellano, author of the Arte of Glamour, and also mistress of the Charmed Finishing School.

Deb's been an inspiration and a key component in the development of the R.O. you know and love today. Her writings and insights led to the understanding and practices that let me enjoy an amazing relationship with an amazing lover. She's been such an integral part of the joyful unfolding of my life that I feel like it's super valuable for you to experience.

She also happens to provide me with the mojo hand feeding oils I use regularly in my own practice. I recently went to her Etsy Shop, La Sirène et le Corbeau (The Mermaid and the Crow) and ended up not only restocking Aurora and the High John oil, but also buying a shit ton of new stuff she's got available, including but not limited to the Tumnus the Fawn scent she made based on the Narnia stories.

She's also got a discontinued Jadis scent that we talk about in the interview. You probably couldn't handle it. She's big, she's powerful, and she knows what she wants, and I know how scary that can be to you. The way it was for me, before I stopped giving shits.

Deb's a walking talking example of how making this stuff a part of our lives changes our lives. Her nonchalant integration of magical practices is exactly the kind of thing you'd expect a Mistress of the Artes to manifest.

Anyway, look for the link to the interview as soon as possible, I'm working on it as we speak!

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