Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Admin Note: Comments Part II

For new readers, comments work like this:
  1. You post it.
  2. I review it.
  3. If I like it, I publish it. If I don't, I reject it. It's totally biased and arbitrary.
  4. Then it shows up on my page.
So if you post a comment and you don't see it, you don't have to post it again. I've been getting a few comments that are like 4-5 repeats of the same message. Mostly from a French Brother who steals other people's work.

Save yourself any stress and annoyance, just be patient. I usually post comments throughout the day.


  1. *laughs* This sounds like one of my rants after I approved some stuff other people did not like, and rejected some stuff that I did not like. I just love people who believe that they should have control over other people's blogs. Just keep doing what you are doing; we don't need to read the comments of every troll and toad that thinks their opinion is better than yours.

  2. I don't know why copyright thieves feel they have the need to justify themselves publicly. A thief is a thief. I get a few of them as well. Isn't it ironic how they try to post to artists' and writers' blogs and think they will receive some kind of sympathy?

  3. I see no problem with this approach whatsoever.

    It is your blog after all.

  4. FYI I posted that one comment twice because I thought I screwed up the word verification thingamajig (sometimes my eyes have trouble with computer text) and I understood the whole comment moderation thing, my apologies if that caused any irritation. Plus these comment moderation does seem to be the way to go, better that than having your blog polluted with posts by sigil jockies.

  5. Riley, no worries, I guarantee, you're NOT alone. If it was just one person, I wouldn't have posted the instructions. You're fine. :)

  6. wow did i leave many repeating comments here? lol
    if i did, i have already forgotten.


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