Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magical Elitists Suck

So recently, on a Grimorium Verum discussion group, someone starts talking about "the Herd."

You know, the Sheeple, the Muggles, the Mundanes. How much Ayn Rand bullshit do we have to put up with? Come on, get over it already. You received a calling to be a magician, big fucking deal. Can you paint like Van Gogh, or write like Robert Frost, or design like Frank Lloyd Wright? Fuck no, you can't. You read some grimoires and some philosophy.

You're out of the mainstream realm of popular interest. That doesn't make the rest of humanity a bunch of drooling animals to be fleeced, shorn, denigrated, or profited from. They aren't less human than you are because you're a magician. You are one of them, and they are one of you. We're all people. Every human being on the planet can do what you do, if they were called to it. You aren't special because you read a book or three.

Now folks who read regularly may point out the number of times I've said something along the lines of "Everyone on the planet is a fucking moron except for a couple magicians here and there." And I may have, on occassion, mentioned that people who don't do magic are about as smart as bags of hair. And I may even have referred to humanity in general as the Herd.

But when I do it, it's different. I make sweeping derogatory generalizations with class.


  1. I've seen that a lot, I try to steer clear of generalisations and deal with things individually on the mental level.

    sometimes I think the debasing remarks are just the externalisation of people trying to reconcile their mundane and magical natures, other times I just think people are dicks.

    Is the Oak any better than the acorn? Or the chicken than the egg? it seems like a futile question, a question designed to bolster the ego instead of enrich the spirit.

  2. Thank you, I needed a laugh this morning :D

  3. You, my friend, are a crack up. :Op

  4. Funny stuff on a serious topic.

  5. souldnt the title of your post be "other magical elitists suck"?

    ;) nicely said, as always

  6. I saw that myself and got just as pissed! How funny :)

  7. Your denigraitons are different, because you're a une-eek speshul flower. :)

  8. It's just a rule of life that if you declare openly that "we are the elite", you are definitely NOT. It's one of the few criticisms of the TOS that I have.

  9. I've recently been exposed to some solid evidence which suggested that I'm not exactly the being of light that I thought I was, morally speaking.

    To be honest, I'm actually feeling great about it. I've made the mistake of viewing myself as being morally superior to a number of people in the past, and that was the main reason why I disliked them.

    It's going to be easier to treat certain people in my family well, if I can realise that although I thought I was morally better than they are, I'm actually not at all.

    I lie at times, and although not often, I've occasionally stolen minor things before as well.

    So if you ever hear anyone going on about how much more great they are than X group over there, realise the number of things which they're likely either not telling you, or possibly don't even consciously know about themselves. Some of my own behaviour has been largely subconscious.

    We usually lie to ourselves first before we do to anyone else, and ultimately, that's what is most dangerous.


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