Friday, July 24, 2009

Planetary Magic

Esoteric magic has been my focus lately, as opposed to the more materialistic pursuits I've been on for the past couple of years. I'd like to start a series on some of the experiences I've had in each of the planetary realms.

I think I've explained technique as far as I can for now. From time to time I might do a piece on planetary magical tech, but over the last three years I've detailed my actual practices in sufficient detail for anyone to adapt my techniques into theirs. It's all talismans and circles, baby!

A little backstory leading up to the esoteric Work of late:

I went through a pretty stressful period at work. It sucked me in, and I got wrapped up in the drama of trying to deliver something useful, meaningful, and according to specs. Due to the extreme stubborn ignorance of management, the project continues to fail miserably. The end is near, halleluiah!

My home life has been fairly decent, but I still haven't gotten back into the swing of things since going on vacation. Little things have piled up and become major obstacles, things like property and vehicle maintenance. Petty annoyances, easily fixed, but all piled up together.

So I've been tired and stressed. Money hasn't been an issue. There's always a cash source somewhere in my life, some way of making enough to get whatever I need or want. It would be easier if I had more, but the real stress financially comes from not knowing where the money will come from. It always comes from somewhere unexpected, but it always comes. Still, I worry and it adds to the general miasma of stress.

So lately I've been seeking solace in the spheres. "In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me," Psalm 86:7, and solace I've found.

Within each sphere, I've been through a very gentle period of transformation. It's been quite unlike the dramatic experiences I was having years ago. The visions are more nuanced, less is spoken, and more is shared. It's sort of like the post Dohmail recently made about knowing.* He talks about divination specifically, but think of his point applying to scrying the aethyrs, traveling the spheres, Merkavah.

I'm performing these rituals "astrally," for the most part. On occasion, I'll  use The Box and call the angel specifically by name, then just sort of meditate and carry on the communication on a higher plane as I sit or lie in the glow of the talisman-charged light radiating through the large crystal ball into my physical sphere. The room takes on the resonance of the spirit I'm conjuring to open the gate to the planetary sphere, and it takes less time to "get there."

* I just got back from his site, getting the link, and I got wrapped up in the comments. Good stuff going on there, highly recommended by RO.

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