Monday, July 06, 2009

The Heartbeat of the Universe

Sucae Sounds posted a neat commentary on the Primitiveness of Techno that got me contemplating the Music of the Spheres. Agrippa talks about it, and a musician friend of mine, Andy Keys, tried a couple of times to get a conversation going on Agirippa's chapters on musicology in the Three Books of Occult Philosophy a couple of years ago. I couldn't keep up. The extent of my musical ability is Smoke on the Water on a penny whistle, and Ghost Riders in the Sky on an acoustic guitar.

But I've been hearing things, and getting more in tune with the harmonies of the universe since then. I still can't keep up a decent conversation on musicology, but I've been experiencing the universe through the metaphor of music, vibration, and resonance.

I think Music is the perfect metaphor for magic.One person does something over here with a specialized tool, and all the way across the room, another person's mood is altered, their mind taken on a journey, and the first guy didn't even touch the second. All he did was emit a vibration, and the consequences unfolded around him.

That's what magic is, to me. We get the tools, we play the notes, we end up gaining skill and talent and become master musicians, only reality itself is our instrument. Each of the planetary intelligences is a master craftsman and musician combined, and tehy mentor us in our efforts to become the next Maestro. Sometimes I feel like the musician, other times like the conductor, and others like the conductor and the whole symphony and the music itself.

Good times. Good times.


  1. Well put, also have you read the comic phonogram?

    A pretty good comic about magic and music (even though I happen to hate brit pop).

  2. I am happy to see that my post sparked this blog. The relationship between music and magic is definitely there. On a deeper level I think I may want to explore this further as I go along.

  3. Liturgical musical standards are facinating too. Esp. from the middle ages, when there were a veriety of "low masses" and such to be said for different reasons. I cant remember exactly, but I know minor keys were banned from liturgical music for a long while due to the effect they had on the mind/soul.

  4. Blogs are private property, although they are at the public view.

    But some people are not smart enought to understand that this are MY views, and in your blog you will put YOUR views, it is not a public forum. You don´t have to be fair and "allow other views".

    For instance, I write about traditional astrology, and every month or so I have some maniac modern astrologer, who came from google and didn´t take the time to read anything, who will ramble and scream and blow....

    and after they haven´t their comments published, they will claim that I didn´t have the "courage" to publish their precious words



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