Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Be Excellent to One Another

I wrote a long sarcastic post about how people should be good, pointing out in great irony and wit that people have been telling each other for 10,000 years that they should be nice to each other, and then I summed it all up with a poignant reminder that only individuals mindfully aware of their own individual behavior will be able to manage this, and a warning that some people never will be nice regardless, and that they should probably be killed before they spawn more like themselves.

And then Google ate my post.

It's probably for the best, I have a feeling recent work with no-thing-ness is going to come through as apathy at best, nihilism at the worst, and it's not how I am.


  1. Uh-oh

    You are getting ready to enter the 9th sphere already?

  2. Something came up when I used to go to Advaita Vedanta satsang in regard to the understanding that 'everything happens by itself', and 'there's nobody doing anything'. Someone was concerned that if a person went out and killed someone that he couldn't be morally judged under this understanding as it wasn't under his control to make a decision about it if there was nobody there.
    Andrew Cohen realised himself through his contact with an Advaita teacher and subsequently reached the conclusion that the non-dual perspective was only half the story, and that their is somebody here and that there are also universal laws that can help us make decisions based on a fundamental inner knowing of what's right and wrong. And that it takes an effort of will and clarity of intention to act accordingly regardless of what thoughts and emotions arise. The problem he maintains is not the thoughts and feelings or our internal experience that are the issue, but the conclusions we make about them, which are often colored by religious conditionings about guilt and sin. When one becomes free from such conditioning one can really 'see' and act accordingly


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