Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Rufus Opus Guide to Business Fundamentals

Now available through my eBooks page: The Rufus Opus Guide to Business Fundamentals.

It's short, it's really basic, but it covers the fundamentals of business process and core theory that books like The Four Hour Work Week and Rich Dad, Poor Dad assume you already know. It's some truly simple concepts that you probably DO already know, but I really wish I had something like this when I was starting out in this whole business thing. It would have focused me on the important things I had to realize on my own up front and saved me a lot of grief.

Because the info is so basic, and the book is so short, I'm charging very little. $3.95 nets you your own copy. The target audience is anyone who's read the books I mentioned above, but felt frustrated because they assumed you understand business processes most folks have little exposure to. It's also good information for people who haven't read those books, but are considering getting into business for themselves.

Please note, there is no occult information included in the book whatsoever. I was going to add a bunch of money-making magical techniques, but that will come later, if at all. Jason covers that better than I could anyway.

Note: Someone pointed out to me a month or so ago that the PayPal Buy Now buttons on my eBooks page took them to the Google Checkout page instead. If you paste the code for the two options too close together, some browsers, like Chrome and FireFox just take you to the first form on the page. Irritating. I fixed it by adding a lot of space between the buttons, but it's ... ugly. One of these days I'll make a beautiful web site and people from all around the world will praise my genius. Or maybe not. Web design is excruciating, and templates are free.

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