Sunday, May 08, 2011

Understanding Renaissance Writing

The archaic language of the grimoires or Agrippa or something like the Hieroglyphic Monad seems to be easier to process if I picture it being read by James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, with the respirator sound effects in the background and everything.


  1. I have never done grimoire magick, or read Agrippa, but this is still probably one of the most awesome ideas I have ever heard. Simply epic.

  2. I think Renaissance magicians were better than their "successors". I can understand Marsilino Ficino's de Vita than Aleister Crowley's de Arte. If someone wants to learn magic, at least it should be written in plain language...

    Well I never enjoyed Crowley that much anyway, he always talks grand as if readers of his work are like dumb platypuses or something? Maybe it's the hype during those times. Maybe it's the genius thing. Or whatever.


  3. After switching most of my library to epubs and reading from my ereader, I've noticed that I've definitely slowed down my reading speed and gotten more from the texts. Combined with being able to fit a library onto a microSD card... Damn! I love living in the future.

    I still stop at difficult passages (Steganographia, anyone?) and read them aloud in a few different pacings. Old trick I learned in speech class that tends to do the trick for me. Occasionally, you find nifty gems... such as who said what in Dee's diaries. Kind of fun, even without that payoff.

  4. I do this with my spam mail. A better idea, there is none.


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