Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wiki-Philosophy Trivia

Today on XKCD the alt text says that if you click the first hyperlink on any page in wikipedia that is not in parentheses or in italics, and repeat that process, you will eventually end up at Philosophy.

I checked Lake Trout. 13 clicks later I was at philosophy.

From Tauroctony, 24 clicks.

From Nachos, 19 clicks.

From Magick, 19 clicks.


  1. I keep falling into an endless loop once I hit "fact."

  2. I did that test too, but my range was in the 10-12 clicks, guess i just got luckier with the random articles

  3. not in parens or italics. I hit a loop for a while, but then realized I was clicking the ones in parentheses.

  4. Manolo Blahnik (the expensive shoe guy) = 13 clicks

    Flywheel Engine = 16 clicks

    American Idol = 7 clicks

    Dungeons & Dragons = 33 clicks


  5. Do it automatically via

    aren't ya glad someone else writes code for us ? :-)

  6. West Germany is a loop

  7. philosophy -> reason -> rationality -> philosophy. Does this count as 3 clicks or a loop? lol it's like asking if 0/0=0.



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