Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Gate of the Sun

Ok, the next Gate ritual and talisman creation guide is available on my web site. It's also available through this fabulous blog post at the end.

The Gate of the sun was a necessary thing for me to write up. I've been going through these Gate Ceremonies to integrate the forces released in our weekly Jupiter rites, and trying to get it grounded so it doesn't dissipate. By traveling through the Gates of the planets, by conjuring the intelligences of each and working with them, I'm establishing a flow of the forces through all aspects of my manifest existence.

As the forces get integrated along the way, I've been going through growing pains. I had done a Saturn rite the week before, and then when I started doing the Jupiter rite, it quickly filled in the bandwidth I'd acquired. Still, it didn't overwhelm me, so that's a good thing. The Mars rite gave me discipline to follow through on the projects inspired by the Jupiter stuff, and it also got me through a lot of other things I didn't know I'd needed to get through. Always an adventure, this process, let me tell you.

But today I was in dire need of the Sun. It had become imperative that I visit and get that force tempered a bit. In Mars it had taken on a fierceness, an intensity to win and do things well and do them right that surprised people who are used to my mild mannered alter ego, Josh. Not always in a good way, either.

It's funny, I'm writing these things after doing the rite of the previous Gate, and I can see the previous sphere's forces manifesting in the voice and tone I take as I write the next one. When I become an author instead of a writer, I'll pay more attention to that kind of thing and aim for more consistency.

Anyway, the Gate of the Sun is available now for those playing along with me at home. Like the others, I talk about the King and Kingship theme and how it relates to the Sphere of the Sun, and also I provide some basic information about other aspects of Solar Magic that will apply beyond the context of Kingdom Ruling. It's $11.95(USD).

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  1. Will you eventually put all the guides for the planetary gates together into one comprehensive guide?


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