Friday, December 16, 2011

Business Booster Reports

I suspect a lot of my friends and colleagues secretly think I'm insane when it comes to the Business Booster rites.* I charge $1,200 for it. That's one thousand, two hundred dollars right there. Insane, right? Who's going to invest over a grand in magic?

Smart people. That's who.

 I got this update today in my email:
Just wanted to update you on progress. So far my productivity increased, I estimate it's worth approximately 15,000 per year net income. I also just received word I will be receiving an additional 16,000 per year for some new areas of responsibility I will be taking on (requiring at most 4 hours of work per month). Overall [the Business Booster rite is] resulting in approximately a 15% increase in net annual income.  So basically if a person is willing to work hard,  and do the magic work, the business booster program is a no-brainer for wealth enhancement. 

Your program has been great and I wish for others to tap into this financial method in these times of the tight economy.

15% increase in net income? So if he invested $1,200, and he's getting back $32,000, the Return on Investment (ROI=(Gain on investment-Cost of investment)/Cost of investment) the client saw is about 25:1. Not too shabby!

Now, not everyone has the same degree of success. My initial trial run test subject increased his business by a lot more, while another client in very different circumstances saw very little in the way of wealth, although they did manage to break even (which was also a huge increase, as he'd been losing money before the rite).

Another client brought me in at his business's inception, and he's still in the exploratory phase of launching the business. He hasn't seen any large windfalls, but his success rate has been consistently high. He's in FOREX trading, and with the volatility of the global economy, I understand his conservative approach. I'm saving up some money to invest with him when he gets things going, and then I'll be blessing the FUCK out of his work. Weekly.

But the people who have taken the rites seriously, done their part to draw down the powers and build on the foundation we lay down in the Saturn Rite have consistently seen really incredible increases in profit. 15-30% increases. In this economy.

You better believe I do this for myself. Cha-Ching!

And as word spreads among the business community (really slowly, because who's going to admit they use angels to improve their business over a martini power lunch?), and the clients start getting bigger and richer, I'll be able to charge more and more for this.


Heh heh.


I love it when magic works like it's supposed to. Like in the deal.

* Probably for other things too, but that's a thousand other posts.

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